Yubi Buff & Blend Duo

by Sarah

The exciting part about the beauty industry is that at any given moment, a new innovation could pop up out of nowhere; and maybe change your whole makeup game.

Recently I was sent a new makeup brush by a brand named Yubi; and apart from its gorgeous sparkling exterior, I think you’d be interested to hear about its multi-faceted features…

Yubi Buff & Blend Duo

Already a Time Magazine Best Inventions winner, the Yubi Buff & Blend is a 3-component set which includes a buffing brush, a latex-free sponge and the handle that houses these attachments.

Japanese for “finger”, Yubi slides onto your fingers to become an extension of your hand for maximum control and confidence

Whether you love applying your foundation with a brush, a sponge or both, Yubi provides both options with an easy click on/off feature.
The duo comes in a cardboard box which also includes a drawstring canvas bag to store the Yubi in.

 Yubi Buff & Blend Duo

Now, lets go through some details about each component:

The Handle: Designed to be used by sliding the index and middle finger into the back of the handle, the Yubi handle is egg shaped to help blend in the products in the same circular/swiping motion as you would using your fingers.

My personal experience with this method was a little tricky. I had a bit of a dilemma where 2 fingers made the handle fit too loose, yet 3 fingers was too tight. I just could not get the type of application control I was hoping for. So I ended up clasping the handle as I would a kabuki brush which solved the problem. But given the purpose behind such a design is to have comfortable control, I feel I missed out on the intended use.

I received the Swarovki crystal design in white which speaks to my love of anything sparkle, shimmer and shine. Yubi handles, however, come in many other colors – with and without crystals.

Yubi Buff & Blend Duo 

The Brush: From the second I saw the Yubi brush, I just knew it would perform amazingly. Made from Purifiber antimicrobial bristles, this brush is super soft and delicate. The bristles are so tightly packed that it feels like velvet to the touch. That’s usually a big plus with these type of brushes as they don’t soak up too much product and ensure an even flawless application – which is what I was able to achieve with minimal product use.

The Sponge: Latex-free and in the same shape as the brush itself, the sponge attachment could be used dry or wet (as traditional beauty blender sponges). Very convenient if you love applying your foundation or even cream color products with sponges.

Yubi Buff & Blend Duo

Cleaning the Yubi brush and sponge is also a breeze. I typically use Dr Bronner’s liquid castille soap on my brushes as it melts away the product without damaging the bristles.

Both the Yubi brush and sponge can be soaked under warm water and washed with your favourite cleanser and left to dry; ready for your next use.

You can also use the brush component as part of your makeup cleansing routine. Apply your favorite cleanser to your face and buff away makeup and impurities with the Yubi brush for a deep clean.

Yubi Buff & Blend Duo

Now, let me give you my verdict on the Yubi Buff & Blend Duo

Apart from not being able to use the brush as intended (like I have it on my fingers in the above photo), the overall performance of the brush was great. The density of the bristles really made the application flawless and I only used a small dot of foundation to cover my whole face – which is the usual amount I use.

I also tried cream bronzer, blush and liquid highlighter and they too blended seamlessly.

I tried the sponge (wet) so it was soft and fluffy to apply some liquid blush which worked perfectly fine.

All and all, I love the versatility of this duo – especially if you get a comfortable feel of the handle. You have an easy click on/off option of the brush and the sponge; and the package includes a small drawstring canvas bag so it’s convenient to travel with.

I think the Yubi Buff & Blend is one of those ‘personal preference’ items in terms of its ergonomics but as far as performance of the brush and the sponge, I was very happy with them both.

Yubi Buff and Blend Duo retails at $69 for the Swarovski design; $39 without the crystals. You can also purchase the brush or sponge individually. Yubi products are available at LoveYubi.com so check them out for special deals :)

Have you tried the Yubi brush? Let me know your thoughts in the comments –  xo

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Melly October 15, 2020 - 5:30 am

Sooooo pretty!!!! I love the sponge and brush in one.

Sarah November 5, 2020 - 3:58 am

Very versatile indeed!

Bianca October 14, 2020 - 1:32 am

Your photos always sell me! I like the compact kabuki kind brushes. Thanks for sharing this!

Sarah November 5, 2020 - 3:56 am

Thank you Bianca. I love kabuki brushes too. So convenient for travel.


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