Workspace Love

by Sarah

How much does your work environment affect you and your productivity? I wanted to cover this topic in today’s post to share with you my experience and also get your point of view on it.

It can get quite challenging for me to build motivation at times; and my job being of creative nature, hitting a road block is the most terrible feeling. Therefore it’s important for me to surround myself with things that inspire me, motivate me, but most importantly: make me feel good. And with this, I also wanted to share with you my workspace…behind the scenes of the blog – so to speak :)

I know we all have different working environments and responsibilities. Some things we can control, other things we have to obide by. However, how you set up your workspace doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. It’s about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, or mean something to you. It could be anything: a picture of your loved ones, screen saver on your computer; a pot plant, your favorite coffee cup or an inspirations board where you post pictures of what interests you and makes you happy.

Here’s my workspace – where all the blog magic happens :)


Although things chop and change depending on what I’m working on, this is about the absolute necessities I keep at my desk. Β When I’m doing makeup pictorials, the desk looks like a makeup tornado hit it. I also usually have my daily coffee but it doesn’t take long for me to gulp it down :)


WS2My laptop is the most treasured work item I own (aside from my makeup kit of course). My work requires a lot of research and to be on top of all the changes and updates in the world of fashion and cosmetics, social media and also WordPress – as I design and maintain the website on my own – I need a fast and reliable computer.

I use a 15″ Apple MacBook Pro and considering all that I put the poor machine through, it gets a big thumbs up from me.



WS3Continuing on with essentials, my phone plays an integral role in keeping up to date with social media and emails. I also have the WordPress app so I can access the blog at anytime. I use the tripod for pictures.

Water is a must for me no matter where I am, so I always keep cold water at my desk and usually fill this 1lt bottle up at least 4-5 times a day.

I have a major sweet tooth so there will always be either a box of cookies, chocolate or dried berries to munch on – and I consider those a motivational boost…yep, that sounds good enough for me ;)


WS5I usually use a Canon camera to take majority of the blog photos but I also love gadgets and couldn’t help myself when I came across these clever little accessories for the iPhone.

The three little lenses have a magnetic backing and there’s a flat metal ring you attach to the back of your phone. You can then attach and detach these different camera lenses depending on what you’re photographing. They also come with lens covers and keychain cords so you can carry them around easily. Love them!

The remotes up front are wireless. The attachment on the right plugs into the phone’s earphone socket. You can then place the phone anywhere you want, stand back, pose and click either the photo or video button and you have yourself a remote control phone camera. Genius for when you’re not so happy with the quality of the forward facing camera or stretching your arm out in awkward positions :)


WS4Last but not least is the happy corner of my desk. I don’t always get to have fresh flowers but today was my lucky day and if you know of hyacinths, you would also know the amazing perfume they have. They come in gorgeous pink, fuschia, cream and this purple shade and I mixed in some blue and red food coloring into the water which turned an interesting blue/pink color.

Counting the number of candles I have, I’ve decided I might have a slight addiction to them. This Bath and Body Works candle in Marshmallow Fireside is simply divine. It’s just enough sweet, yet has that rustic fireside scent mixed in. Last year I was really into French Baguette scent but decided it was too dangerous as all I could think of was bakery and fresh bread and I just wanted to keep eating :))

So here we are…this is how I usually clear my mind and find motivation. At the end of the day, it’s all about surrounding yourself with things that interest and motivate you and make you happy. We all have down days and moments but keep remembering that the last time you were feeling the same way, you actually made it through and moved on. It will be the same again and each time you’ll learn to go that one step further. Hope you have a fabulous day!


How do you motivate yourself? What’s your ‘must have’ item in your workspace?




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Tanya November 7, 2013 - 2:09 pm

I love this! Your desk looks so fresh and zen. I agree, it really helps to have things that makes us happy. Great post!!

Sarah November 8, 2013 - 6:56 am

Thank you sweetie ;) xx


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