Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

by Sarah

Urban Decay has just announced the release of their Naked 2 Basics palette – which features all-matte eyeshadows to compliment their Naked 2 palette. Although the official release date is August 19th, I have a sneak peak of the colors for you ;)

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette

Naked 2 Basics palette features 6 matte shades. The colors are much cooler – particularly taupes with a gray undertone. This palette is also much softer in the color range than the original Basics palette which actually had a matte black in it. If you love your Naked 2 palette and always wished Urban Decay would release a Basics palette for it, (or you’re after a cool tone matte eyeshadow palette), this might be an option for you.

It’s only natural that Urban Decay has been riding on the success of their Naked palette idea, releasing shades in dribs and drabs and every time increasing the price that much more too; but I do wonder ‘how much more naked can we get?”.

In my honest opinion, when there are so many other neutral palettes out there, catering for equal number of matte vs shimmer eyeshadows within the one palette (such as Lorac Pro and Smashbox Full Exposure), I don’t know that this Basics palette would be a ‘necessity’ as such. What do you guys think?

I will update this post to include links as to where you can purchase this palette as soon as it’s officially released on August 19th.



                s1324532-main-Lhero             s1393636-main-Lhero            s1573336-main-Lhero           s1458157-main-Lhero

Naked Palette                          Naked 2 Palette                        Naked 3 Palette                  Naked Basics Palette

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Emily August 12, 2014 - 6:51 pm

Your right. I think I had enough of the naked palettes. It’s becoming more of a money making scheme than unique ideas like the first palette was.


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