Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

by Sarah

I go through phases with foundations where I’ll buy a few different brands and formulas to replace the last round of products I would have used up. And although I love makeup in its entirety, a flawless base is the most important thing for me. So yes, maybe it’s close to expecting miracles but given the claims some brands are willing to make, I have very high expectations of foundations.

I heard so much about Too Faced Born This Way, that I thought I’d kick off my new round of foundation search with it. And along with the good must come the “not really feelin it” reviews so here are my thoughts on this foundation…


Containing coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid, the external packaging of this foundation makes some pretty impressive claims which I can see many of us would be drawn to: blurred imperfections, absolutely perfect skin and natural coverage, it’s almost too good to be true…

***Just to give you an idea of my skin type: I have normal skin with an oily T-zone. I don’t get major breakouts and at the time of trialling this foundation, my skin was in pretty good shape – no excess oil, dryness, patches or pimples to affect the results.

Too Faced Born This Way

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Warm Nude

Right off the start when I went to purchase this foundation, I noticed the color range was a bit…questionable. They definitely don’t cater for dark skin tones which is a shame really with any foundation launch. As for the rest of the colors, I found the undertones to be extremely yellow. I have a yellow undertone myself but usually I’ll still be within the mid-tone range. I had to go towards the lighter end of the spectrum to find my shade with this, which is Warm Nude (I’m a MAC NC30-35)


Initially I used the foundation as I normally would any of my other foundations: After my usual skincare of cleansing and moisturising, I used my Laura Mercier original primer and applied the foundation with a Beauty Blender. I was happy with the color but I struggled getting the type of coverage it claimed so I had to build it up using about 2.5 pumps. ***Usually I’ll need maximum 1.5 pumps to get a perfect coverage with my favorite foundations such as NARS Sheer Glow, Makeup Forever HD or even my Loreal True Match or Magic Lumi.

It set to a satin/matte finish pretty quickly – which is also when the problems started to surface. I noticed it was sitting on top of the skin yet at the same time, it settled into all the pores and highlighted lines and wrinkles I didn’t even know I had. And it only got worse throughout the day. The feel of the foundation was fine but the look of it!…I was afraid to smile as I thought my face was gonna crack.

So, following on from that day, I tried every which way possible to make this foundation work, including doing my Skincare Power Trio routine to prep my skin (even though I didn’t need to); using different primers, no primers, moisturising beforehand, not moisturising at all, using the beauty blender, switching to a brush instead…unfortunately nothing changed the end result. In any case, at $39, a foundation shouldn’t require this much effort to work.

I sat there disappointed however pretty sure I definitely wasn’t Born This Way….pun intended :)

I really had high hopes for this foundation as I have so many other Too Faced favorites within their product line but it saddens me to say this foundation was probably the worst I’ve tried in a very long time. I’ll move onto the other brands I have my sights set on and will report back on my findings as always :)

What’s your go-to foundation?

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JJamiah January 5, 2018 - 8:28 pm

Too Faced Born This Way is my go to foundation. I absolutely love it. I provides a natural color and a natural finish each time. I have combination skin. Absolutely amazing.

Sarah January 6, 2018 - 3:46 am

Thanks for your feedback Jjamiah. I know each formula varies with different skin types so it’s nice to have positive experiences being shared in the comments :)

Michelle Banks October 13, 2015 - 12:50 pm

I have dry skin. I bought Born This way cos I saw reviews saying it looked flawless on the skin. As soon as I put it on and it set, my skin looked even more dry and aged. I couldn’t return it either so I’m stuck with a whole bottle and hate it :(

Sarah October 13, 2015 - 2:07 pm

Oh no Michelle :( that’s the worst when stores don’t accept returns and going by the experience I had on my skin type, I can only imagine how it made your skin feel. I mentioned it in the post too about it being one of my top favorites but NARS Sheer glow is an amazing foundation if you’re looking for a new one.

Jessica October 13, 2015 - 7:28 am

Finally an honest review! I have couple of friends and including me, we all had similar problems with this foundation. I think a lot of bloggers and youtubers were sent this by TooFaced so all the reviews were raving about it. Thanks Sarah! This is why I love your blog

Sarah October 13, 2015 - 2:05 pm

Thanks Jessica; I usually have a good feel of the products before I purchase them which is why most of my reviews are more positive but this one just didn’t make the cut. There’s plenty of reviews coming up so stay tuned ;)


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