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by Sarah

Continuing on from my previous post of The Body Shop’s new line of products, which we started off with their Spa Of The World review , next launch that’s stirring up a lot of interest is their Oils Of Life range.

With four luxurious products, all containing amazing ingredients carefully sourced and researched, this line screams quality for natural skincare at its best.

The Body Shop Oils Of Life

One of the things I’ve always admired and appreciated about The Body Shop has been their dedication to sourcing the best ingredients from around the world without swaying from their company values. They support Community Fair Trade helping small communities thrive, they have a very strong stance against animal testing and defending human rights and protecting the planet are only a handful of many amazing campaigns The Body Shop is renowned for. You can read more about the company’s involvement in these areas here

And this new line of products is no different. As with their Spa Of The World (and other products), I was blown away by the amount of research that went into developing Oils Of Life range.

Oils Of Life products all contain 3 different seed oils. Of course in typical Body Shop fashion, they’ve been sourced from different parts of the world, organically cold pressed – (meaning extracted in their absolute purest form) and packaged in gorgeous amber bottles and white/gold boxes ready for us to indulge in.

The Body Shop Oils Of Life

I know the word “oil” doesn’t usually ring so nice when it comes to skincare. Having combination skin which is very sensitive to heavy creams, I can personally admit to having stayed away from rich or oil containing skincare products over the years. But with skincare oils becoming quite popular over the past couple of years, I’ve done some research as to why oils are suddenly becoming the “in-thing”. And my findings all point to one key factor: type and quality of the oils used.

This is where Body Shop’s Oils Of Life range also differs. The types of oils blended into the mix (as seen above) and the fact that they’ve been extracted in their absolute purest form is why they succeed in being absorbed into the skin, nourishing and protecting it rather than clogging the pores and building residue. The Body Shop UK site has a great article on ‘why oils should become a part of our daily skincare routine’ and ‘myths busted about oils used as skincare’, which you can read here

Oils Of Life has 4 key products all containing the 3 key seed oils: Bi-Phase Essence Lotion; Facial Oil, Gel Cream and Cream

SHOP The Body Shop Oils Of Life here

The Body Shop Oils Of Life

Bi-Phase Essence Lotion: unique bi-phase [oil + water] formula, this daily lotion provides instant visible results while preparing and activating skin for the next steps of your routine. Skin feels instantly replenished with moisture and appears softened.

Facial Oil: a lightweight daily facial oil to intensely revitalise skin, instantly replenish moisture and revive radiance. The quickly-absorbed formula effortlessly melts into skin leaving a non-sticky, velvety-soft finish. Signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

Gel Cream: a dewy-fresh gel cream with illuminating micro-pearls, it’s a lighter alternative that intensely revitalises skin. Skin feels instantly hydrated and more supple. The formula delicately melts into the skin, leaving a fresh light finish without a greasy feel.

Cream: with perfecting micro-pearls, this daily cream revitalises skin, replenishes moisture and revives radiance. Signs of ageing are visibly reduced.

I can’t say much about long term results of these products as they’ve only just been released, however going by the texture and feel of the products, I can confidently say they seem to be on par with the claims. With mild fragrance from the seed oils, the absorption factor of the products are exactly as mentioned; they feel light on the skin and no heavy oily residue left behind contrary to the main ingredient being oil.

Oils Of Life products retail between $22-$39 and are now available at The Body Shop stores and online (in the US, UK and Europe). I don’t have a launch date for my Australian beauties yet but I assume it’s just around the corner ;)

Do you use oils in your skincare routine? What do you think of this concept?


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winnie September 4, 2015 - 9:31 pm

I like the idea of oils as I believe they penetrate deeper into the skin.
I still have not found the right skin regime for me so I have started cleansing and moisturising with jojoba oil for now under my moisturiser and will definately look into this range.
thank you for the informative post

Sarah September 7, 2015 - 1:08 pm

Thanks Winnie, please let me know how you like this line :)


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