Stronger Together

by Sarah

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Although I shared this note on my social media accounts, I just wanted to leave a message here for all the beauties following me on my website too…

Picture by: Rosalie Agency (

In light of recent events, I too took a break from posting my own content and concentrated on listening, learning and sharing information to bring attention to Black Lives Matter and associated content.

I’m a makeup artist by trade and I’ve been fortunate to work on faces of all skin colors, backgrounds and walks of life over many years.

During this time, hearing out the needs and requests of my clients; and at times struggling to find products that catered for all skin tones really highlighted the disparities even in the beauty industry alone.
These experiences made me more mindful of the brands I support over the years, which is why you won’t hear me talk about certain brands or products as much as I do others.

I’ve always been quite vocal and transparent on my website posts about inclusivity within the brands/products; and regularly feature inspiration from makeup artists, photographers, brands and content creators across the board on my Instagram account – and I will continue to do so.

The beauty of life lies in diversity, acceptance and unity and I’m glad to see the changes that are taking place.
Lead by love…always…Sarah xo


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