Skincare Series: The Basics

by Sarah

Hello my ladies!! (and gentlemen as some parts of this post will also relate to you);  lets have a chat about the importance of healthy skin I should however mention, I’m not trained in skincare professionally.  Although I have my favorite products, I’m also terrible at sticking to regular skincare routines.  So…what can I possibly have to offer you?

Well…I do have my own strict rules, and unlike skincare products which are a hit or miss depending on the ingredients and the individual’s skin type, my recommendations can apply to every single one of you.  Considering I cannot credit a particular brand of skincare or regime – simply cos I never stuck to any long enough, I can comfortably praise my basic skincare rules for helping me keep my skin in top form.

The below pointers of what I do (or never do) may not sound like much but when given a chance, you’d be amazed at how big of a difference they make to the overall quality of your skin.  Of course factors such as diet, exercise and skincare products help and overall, it’s all about finding the right balance for your own needs.

Imagine a blank art canvas and how important it is for that canvas to be clean and smooth in order for the paints we use to glide on, the colors and the textures to stand out true to their form.  Our skin carries a similar concept and this is why it’s important to have clean and healthy skin to also achieve more success with our makeup application.


I too have been guilty of sunbaking in the past.  I know that gorgeous glow you get, how everything seems to look better from jewellery to sandals but what we think is a healthy look, is actually one of the worst things we can do for our skin.

Sun rays do cause premature aging, sun spots and blemishes; so if you can, try to achieve the glowing tanned look by using the ‘impressively improved’ self tanning products on the market.

Also try to incorporate SPF into your daily routine, whether it’d be in your moisturiser or foundation.



You may have heard the “8 glasses (2lt) a day” rule when it comes to water consumption and although I can’t confirm the minimum requirement for each individual, I don’t drink any less than 8-10 glasses/day myself.  Water is my addiction and has always been.  From the minute I wake up, to the second I go to sleep (and in between), I have to have water with me.

Considering 70% of our body is made up of water, it only makes sense to replenish it with what it needs the most.  Even if you gradually increase your daily intake, you’ll see how much your body (and skin) will appreciate it.



Unfortunately I suffer from insomnia so it’s a bit ironic that I should be recommending sleep when I can’t necessarily practice what I preach.  On the very rare occasion that I do clear a few hours of unbroken sleep though, I cannot explain to you how fresh and rested my skin looks.

During sleep is when our skin, hair and nail cells replenish themselves, so it’s very important to clear at least 6-8 hours of restful sleep every night.

Sufficient sleep also means reduced or no bags/dark circles under the eyes and hence less need for concealer…who wouldn’t love that!! ;)



I can’t advise you to completely forego alcohol as some of you may be social drinkers and that’s totally fine.  As long as you implement Step 2 – which is drinking plenty of water, you’ll be helping your system, especially your liver, detox and find a happy medium.

Smoking however, is a big no-no.  The chemicals you inhale which literally seep into the cells of your organs and skin and literally rot away from within…need I say more?



OK, I sunbaked in the past, there have been couple of hours in a day where I went without water; there’s been occasions where I had alcohol here and there BUT, no matter what time, how sick or tired or lazy I may have been, I have NEVER EVER gone to bed without properly cleansing my makeup off.

Regardless of how advanced makeup products are these days and they claim not to clog pores and be hypo-allergenic and organic and the likes…they should not end up on your pillow.  As I mentioned previously, sleep time is also time for skin cells to replenish themselves.  In order for them to successfully do this, they need to be clean and clear of all external products.

As I always say: “if you made the time and effort to put the make up on, you should make the time and effort to take it off”.  Trust me, your skin will thank you for it ;)

Keep tuned in for further information within the skincare series as I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite “tried and tested” tools and products ;)


What are some of your skincare tips and tricks? 


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