Sephora + Pantone Color IQ

by Sarah

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all doing well – almost made it halfway through the week ;)

I’ve been a little busy lately which kept me away from doing extensive posts this week but trust me, everything I’m working on is all for you guys.  I’m in the process of bringing new segments and exciting features to the website so I’m buzzing!!

Talk about new and exciting things, I couldn’t help but pop in and tell you guys about the clever little device that’s now taken residence at Sephora stores.  It’s the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ system, which basically pinpoints the exact shade of foundation you should be buying – regardless of the brand! In other words, no more wrong color foundation!

Sephora Pantone Color IQ

Sephora + Pantone Color IQ
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How it works: This handheld device has a built in camera, which is held right up against the skin to take a photo, which then analyses and determines the exact tone of your skin color.  This is where Pantone (the color matching experts) come into play. They have built the Color IQ library, made up of 110 skin tones, so the foundation color you are given according to the Color IQ reading is indeed the perfect match for you.

Here’s a short demo video I saw from Sephora:


Pretty neat right? You can get more information and check which Sephora stores offer this service here.  For my beauties in the UK, Boots No7 was actually the first company to bring out such technology. Although their selection is only limited to the No7 brand, you can get more information about it here 

As for my Australian beauties (and anyone else who doesn’t have access to Sephora), I promise to keep you posted on any developments of such service as soon as I find out. Until then, I’m here to answer any questions you may have regarding choosing the right shade of foundation ;)

If you have any foundations that are the wrong shade for you and you can’t return them, check out my post on how you can still utilise them: Wrong Color Foundation? What To Do 


What do you think of the Sephora + Pantone Color IQ? 


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Mel August 23, 2013 - 9:56 pm

Wow this is a very clever device!!


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