Replica by Maison Martin Margiela

by Sarah


Over the past few years, it seems March/April period has become a “new fragrance” season for me. Couple of weeks ago, I  was roaming the stores in search of my next big hit when I came across Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica line of fragrances.

I’d heard a lot about Replica, so I was excited to see it for myself. With utmost confidence in recommending this line to you, I’m happy to report I now have my very own bottle of  Replica: Lazy Sunday Morning to be precise…

Replica by Maison Martin Margiela

Replica “Lazy Sunday Morning” by Maison Martin Margiela

Replica range by Maison Martin Margiela is designed around the concept that each fragrance revokes a memory or a feeling which connects to a particular time and place. Once you experience the range, you will understand how the names and the scents of the fragrances come together so perfectly.

The bottles and the outer packaging is clean and modern. The labelling is reminiscent of that used in old fashioned fragrance labs with the name and description simply printed in a typewriter font. There’s no cap to the bottle and it’s decorated with a natural cotton thread wrapped around the pump.

Replica by Maison Martin MargielaDeciding on a Replica favorite was tough, as every single fragrance had something appealing about it. I could have walked away with many bottles but I ended up with Lazy Sunday Morning as “the one” and I couldn’t be more in love with it.

Described as: recollection of silky skin, crumpled sheets and scent of fresh laundry, at first glance you would be right to wonder if you’ll smell like the local laundromat. But once you get a hit of the amazing blend of lilly and patchouli laced with notes of white musk, believe me it all makes sense!

Lazy Sunday Morning is a very clean, fresh scent with the floral component repeating through all the layers.

I typically go for more spicy, dark scents which is why I was also leaning towards By The Fireplace (suitable for both male and females); but I opted for something different for a change and I’m super happy with it.


The Replica line features eight more fragrances as listed with the descriptions below. The bottles only come in a standard size of 100ml/3.4oz and retail at $125. Some of the scents also come in candles and discovery packs for HIM or HER featuring 3 x 0.34oz spray bottles – which is great if you can’t decide on your favorite.

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Lazy Sunday Morning: Florence 2003; Soft skin and bed linen

Beach Walk: Calvi 1972; Sun kissed salty skin

Lipstick On: Chicago 1952; Night blush and rice powder

Flower Market: Paris 2011; Crisp Petal Freshness

Tea Escape: Tokyo 2008; Soothing green tea bubble

By The Fireplace: Chamonix 1971; Burning wood and chestnut (male+female)

Jazz Club: Brooklyn 2013; Heady cocktails and cigars (male)

At The Barber’s: Madrid 1992; Shaving and leathery notes (male)


If you’re after a new fragrance, I highly recommend you check out the Replica range. There’s something simple yet special about them which almost makes the fragrance feel like it was made just for you and that really adds to the memories…old and new :)


Have you heard of Replica before? What’s the latest fragrance you purchased?

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Kelly H. April 12, 2016 - 8:26 am

I saw this at Sephora but never looked at it. Will check it out next time for sure.

Sarah April 12, 2016 - 8:58 am

Definitely worth it ;)

Nicole April 12, 2016 - 4:00 am

I have Flower Market and it’s so pretty! Great line of perfumes. Thanks for the review.

Sarah April 12, 2016 - 8:58 am

Flower Market is really beautiful too. I’ll probably go back for the Discovery Set for her so I have a few more of these babies at hand :)

pattibeth April 11, 2016 - 9:37 pm

Love the way you write. You have the knack to bring me alone into your world where it is just the two of us chatting away about fragrances color hints of spring Coffee klatsch what is your favorite shade of green kind of talk.

Sarah April 12, 2016 - 8:57 am

Awww thank you Pattibeth! and yes conversations with me usually go along those lines so I’m happy it translates across in my posts to share with you all :)


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