Pantone 2016 Colors In Fashion

by Sarah

Mid December 2015, Pantone announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as the dual recipient of Color Of The Year 2016 title. Check out my introductory post here – including details to Sephora x Pantone Makeup Collection – now available online and in stores.

I thought I’d also do a fashion post to explore how these two pastel colors can be utilised in our closets; especially given the season. Rose Quartz being a soft pastel pink; and Serenity a light, airy blue, we automatically imagine spring/summer combos with florals and skirts and flowy dresses. Whilst I think these two colors will appear more in spring/summer collections, there are many ways to incorporate them into fall/winter looks. Here are some ideas…

Pantone 2016 Colors Of The Year

Pantone Colors Of The Year 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity

Accessories make a great starting point when trying to add such colors into our wardrobes . Scarves, shoes, bags and hats help add hints of color to the outfit without committing to bigger pieces.

Tan and denim are amazing colors to match up with both Rose Quartz and Serenity. Denim goes with just about any color and tan adds the warm/cosy factor to compliment the fall/winter looks.


Beauty Point Of View

Another color that compliments both Rose Quartz and Serenity is different tones of gray.

Here, I put together a casual outfit with a soft comfortable tunic in Rose Quartz and paired it with gray slim fit jeans.

As the 90s have been making a comeback in the beauty world, flat platform shoes are also appearing a lot more in 2016 fashion predictions. These Oxfords with a metallic finish not only feature a flat platform base but also have a metallic finish to reflect the colors around it.

Mixing textures can also change the feel of an outfit in an instant. Along with the denim, the woollen beanie and the metallic look of the shoes, I opted for a duffle style bag in a dark gray suede (and a soft faux fur pompom to accessorise). This mix of textures keeps the look interesting yet brings it altogether.

Pink and gray are also an amazing combo for work outfits. A sharp dark gray suit with a tailored pink shirt looks powerful with that added feminine touch.




Beauty Point Of View

I must admit, I’m not much of a “blue” person. So when I was playing around with different looks using Serenity, I couldn’t decide which way to go.

Initially I put together a look with a structured dress paired with a trench coat, then moved onto a lazy weekend ensemble featuring comfy sweats and blue UGGs. Although these are still many ways you can utilise the color Serenity, they weren’t quite edgy enough for what I wanted to create.

Serenity is such a light and airy color that I wanted to add a powerful element in there. So I started chopping and changing pieces and before I knew it, I was steering towards the classic black.

A black pair of slim fit jeans and a leather jacket added the type of edge I was looking for.

Though running the risk of being a bit “matchy matchy”, I couldn’t help myself when I saw these pair of Hunter boots. Again, mixing different textures helped keep this look interesting.

Of course you can take it to a completely different level by swapping the leather jacket with a woollen blazer, add a pair of booties with a high heel and a hobo bag. Options are endless really.


I hope these sets give you some inspiration to experiment with Rose Quartz and Serenity. As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, Sephora’s annual Pantone Color Of The Year Makeup Collection featuring these two colors is now available online and in stores. Check out the full makeup collection HERE


What do you think of Rose Quartz and Serenity? How would you pair them?


***All the fashion sets I publish are my own work from page layout to design, to styling. I create my sets to be of inspiration to carry into your own closets; whether you’re interested in the brands I feature or find alternatives to replicate the look. Please leave any questions you may have regarding the featured items in the comment section below.


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