NYX Jumbo Pencils – Review & Swatches

by Sarah

Hi beauties, I hope you all had a good week and gearing up for a great weekend!

Last few makeup posts have been about all the new high(er) end products, so to balance things up a bit, I thought I’d bring you a review of the ever-so-popular NYX Jumbo Eyeliners. Initially, I was only interested in the white color which is Milk. But of course once I had a look at the range, I couldn’t stop at just one…(enters a sarcastic shocked face here) :)


I have 6 of these babies and although I’ll go into more detail of each color below, I found these pencils to be better used as a base for powder eyeshadows rather than on their own. They’re not long lasting and unfortunately they crease. Used as a base however, especially the white and the black, they make the eyeshadows you apply over them stand out beautifully. Here are the swatches of each shade and more information:



Black Bean #601: This is a very creamy opaque black. It’s rich in color and applies evenly. It’s especially great to use under vibrant pigments as it really makes the colors, shimmers and sparkles stand out.

Milk #604: This opaque white color was what got me onto the Jumbo pencils in the first place. When blended, it has a more dry finish which is again great to layer powder eyeshadows over. It’s particularly good when using bright colors such as pinks and greens and blues over the top.

French Fries #609: Warm brown/bronze color with a shimmer finish. It applies evenly and has good color pay-off. I use this all over the eyelid and set it with a same color eyeshadow. Paired with couple of coats of mascara, it’s very flattering for a great every day look.

Purple Velvet #623A: Of all the pencils I have, this is my least favorite. I was sold on the rich purple shade but it’s very sheer and the more you go over to deepen the color, the patchier it looks. I tried patting it down with my fingers but even then it wouldn’t apply evenly. Trying to apply powder eyeshadow over this color is a pain, it catches and it drags…just doesn’t work. Big thumbs down.

Knight #626: The base color is a soft black with gold shimmers through it, which almost turns a very deep dark green-black when applied. I picked this color for the pretty gold shimmers but again, having to use another eyeshadow on top, defeats the purpose of showing off these gorgeous gold specks. It’s not one I reach for often, to say the least.

Sparkle Leopard #631: This shade is my favorite. It has a soft bronze base, very similar to French Fries, but it also has fine silver sparkles throughout. I use this shade in the inner corners of my eyes, as well as lining along my bottom lash line and it instantly adds a pretty shimmer without looking too much.

NYX Jumbo Pencils also come in many “many” other shades including blues and pinks and metallic colors. All in all, they do a good job in acting as a base to intensify your eye look. They’re easy to use, easy to blend and with prices ranging from $4.50 depending on where you get it, I’d say they’re well worth a look. You can check out the current range of Jumbo pencils here

NYX Cosmetics are available at drugstores; for those of you who can’t get NYX in your country, Ebay and Amazon has many sellers stocking the full range of NYX cosmetics – including Jumbo pencil colors which are no longer available in the stores.

**Leave a message for me in the comment section below if you’d like a link to the ebay store I deal with ;) xx

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sarah☆moneysaver☆crafter☆hardworker☆passionate fashionista gal ! March 23, 2014 - 8:06 pm

ooh i love NYX pencils , they are so handy lol especially for me I am crazy over makeup :)
Please visit !

Sarah March 24, 2014 - 12:33 am

I know right, and they have soooo many amazing colors. Great blog btw, bookmarked it ;) xx


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