Nire Essential Glow Brush Set

by Sarah

Hi beauties! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’m hoping introducing you to today’s gorgeous products will help redeem my absence somehow :)

Nire Beauty, specialising in makeup brushes, not only has cleverly curated brush sets, but this Glitter Edition of their Essential Glow Set is possibly the prettiest design I’ve seen in a long time…

Ready to be blown away?? Let’s get started….

Nire Essential Glow Brush Set – Glitter Edition

As we know, successful results in makeup application is achieved with a combination of good quality products and tools. This is where makeup brushes play a big role.

Whilst I always reach for different brushes from different brands, it’s really hard to find a brush set that combines quality, performance, right curation of brush designs and of course being ethically manufactured at the same.

Nire Essential Glow Set has all these features but they also designed the prettiest rose gold glitter handles that I’d be happy having them displayed on my vanity just so I could stare at them :)

Nire Essential Glow Brush Set – Glitter Edition

Nire Essential Glow Set features 10 brushes covering everything you need from base, cheeks, eyes, brows and lips.

Having won two Global Makeup Awards for Best Beauty Tools, the brushes in this set are made from exclusive hypoallergenic LuxeBlend fibres which mimic the performance of natural animal hairs, picking up plenty of pigment without shedding or breaking.

Along with the bristles being vegan/cruelty-free, the brushes also have recyclable aluminium ferrules engraved with the name and number of each brush, as well as all recyclable outer packaging.

Nire Essential Glow Brush Set – Glitter Edition

As you guys know, I don’t usually get hung up on brush names or their intended purpose, as I believe brushes should be used for the purpose of achieving the end result – whichever shape or design helps you get there.

However, if you’re new to makeup application or personally prefer to stick to the intended use of each brush, this set makes it really easy to navigate through the steps.

Every single brush is designed to perfection. Here are my findings on each brush:

Grand Powder brush is wide and fluffy enough to disperse powder and bronzers across the face flawlessly
Tapered foundation brush is the perfect density which buffs in liquid and cream foundations without leaving any streaks
Radiant Blush Brush is a great balance of fluff and taper, so it not only blends blush and contour products with ease but the slightly rounded tip provides precise application.
Lavish Blending is designed for eyeshadow, and whilst it can be used to do just that, I’ve been using it to blend out liquid concealer under the eyes as well as spot-powdering under the eyes, sides of the nose and smaller areas. Very soft and gentle for these delicate areas of the face.
3D Detail brush is a dream when it comes to diffusing eyeshadows in couple of easy swipes, thanks to the clever tapering of the bristles.
Fluff Detail is a smaller version of the 3D Detail brush providing great precision for everything from a gradient smoky eye to an intricate cut crease.
Broad Pencil brush is super convenient. Not only can you use it for building intensity of your eyeshadow colors but you can also apply inner corner highlights and smudge. eyeliners/eyeshadows along the top and bottom lash lines. Great shape and density!
Soft Dab brush can be used both for concealer application or for packing on eyeshadow color. The width of this brush is perfect for both uses.
Delicate Liner brush has a good balance of density and sharpness which makes it a breeze to apply liquid eyeliners, smudge kohl pencils and even apply lipstick. 
Insta Brows is a double ended brush. One end is a sharp flat angle to create hair-like strokes and the other has a traditional spoolie to give you perfect “insta-brows”

Although I genuinely love every single brush in this set, the following four brushes are absolute standouts for me…

Nire Essential Glow Set – (L-R): Delicate Liner; Broad Pencil; Fluff Detail; Insta Brows

I’m sure the aesthetic of the brushes need no advertising. They look so so pretty, especially when the sun/light hits them and the glitter particles sparkle so beautifully.

Along with the features and performance points I mentioned above, Nire Essential Glow Set comes in a black cylinder case, re-usable brush nets, an in-depth owner’s manual explaining performance of each brush, recyclable external packaging and also a bonus silicone Face Prep Tool which is designed to gently scrub and cleanse the skin.

So not only do you get to put your makeup on with these pretty brushes, but you also get a cleansing tool to take it all off and get your skin ready for your daily skincare routine.

Nire Essential Glow Brush Set – Glitter Edition

Nire Beauty Essential Glow Set Glitter Edition is currently on sale retailing at $68USD; down from $136 which is a great bargain, especially if you’ve been looking for a cruelty-free, all in one set that’s also great quality.

Nire Beauty has so many other award winning brush sets, bundles and individual brushes that you can add to your collection.

You can visit their site at Nire Beauty and follow their IG account @nirebeauty for sales and updates.

Leave your comments and questions below :) xo

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