Nail Gallery Vol:2

by Sarah

I just realised I’m a bit behind (ooops…by about 6 shades behind) in posting some of my favorite nail polish colors here – that I’ve already shared on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. All my social media links are on the top right hand side of this page if you’d like to join me ;)

You can also check out my previous Nail Gallery: Volume 1 HERE

2 coats: By far my most beloved nail polish color; Essie’s French Affair is the perfect baby pink. It’s very creamy and opaque and has a glossy finish – ideal if you’re lazy like me and would rather skip top coat :)


2 coats: I’m really impressed with this No-Chip line of Bourjois nail polish. Great glossy finish, the brush is flat and the polish applies quite opaque. You could definitely get away with 1 coat if you’re in a rush and it dries very quickly too. You can get Bourjois products on Amazon and eBay if your local stores don’t stock this brand



2 coats + top coat: Other than the most adorable name, I looked for this exact shade of blue everywhere, before I finally found it within the Essie line. Again, very creamy in texture, however a little bit streaky to apply. Definitely needs 2+ coats. Love this color!



2 coats on its own: Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush range of glitter polish is sooo pretty. They have many other shades but I picked this one called Big Money as I wanted something glam. The glitters range from gold to silver to pink/lilac which gives the nails a gorgeous multi-dimensional look. This looks great over other color nail polish too but on this occasion, I was happy to wear it on its own :)



2 coats + top coat: If you prefer a vibrant blue, this electric blue named Butler Please definitely demands attention. It did however need 2 coats as it was a bit sheer, and it dried to a satin finish so I used a glossy top coat to make the color stand out more



2 coats: Last of my Nail Gallery Vol:2 is Essie’s Madison Ave-Hue. This is a magenta shade with a soft gold shimmer throughout – you can slightly see the shimmer on the top left corner of the bottle in the picture. Applies opaque and I found 2 coats was plenty to get good coverage

What’s your all time favorite nail polish (brand and color)? xx

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