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by Sarah

As most makeup lovers, pro artists or jet-setters know, makeup storage can be a nightmare. No amount of space, no style of bag is ever enough.

I’d been on the search for a travel makeup bag for a while, when I finally stumbled upon the brand: MyKitCo. I felt like a whole new makeup-bag-world opened up and I can officially say I found “the one(s)”

With countless sizes and styles to choose from, both for personal and pro use, MyKitCo bags make travelling and storage of your favorite products and tools an absolute breeze…


MyKitCo Makeup Bags

Although over the years I reduced the size of my travel makeup kit to an absolute minimum, I still wanted a bag which made it easy to access the products rather than rummaging through traditional makeup bags.

I had the idea in my head of a tray-like bag where the lid opened like a treasure chest so all the products lay flat and in clear view. Of course if it was made of clear PVC, it would also make things easy for TSA requirements. So you can imagine my excitement when MyKitCo bags ticked all these boxes and more.

I purchased two different styles. One is a single compartment bag with plenty of space; the other is a double compartment version.

The material is a heavy duty PVC. Some styles come in all clear PVC and some have black accents like mine. They’re easy to clean, have handles and they’re compact yet take in quite a lot of products.


My Small Canvas Pouch features a single compartment which zips all the way around. The clear PVC lid makes all the contents visible and the base is opaque black. Handle and the frame is made of durable woven fabric – similar to backpack handles.

This size is perfect for carry on luggage when travelling or to store your everyday makeup in.

Size: (L) 25 cm x (W) 16 cm x (D) 7 cm

MyKitCo My Small Canvas Pouch


Practically the same size and materials as the single compartment bag above, the Twin Canvas Pouch joins two bags back-to-back with an all round zipper. You can either zip it all up as a carry bag or lay it flat and easily access both compartments at the same time.

This bag is particularly great for those of us who’d like to keep makeup products, tools or even skincare and accessories in different sections – yet altogether at the same time.

Size: (L) 26 cm x (W) 15 cm x (D) 17 cm

MyKitCo My Twin Canvas Pouch

I discovered my MyKitCo bags on Beautylish which stock pretty much all the essential size/style bags from the brand. They also ship internationally which is a bonus.

The bags retail anywhere from $8 to multi-bag kits around $82. There are specific brush bags, tool belts and pro makeup artist units if you’re after more options.

Here’s a snippet of some other size and style of MyKitCo bags…



What do you think of the MyKitCo bags? Share your favorite storage products below 


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