My Current Makeup Favorites

by Sarah

Hi beauties! I know it’s been a while since my last post. Hope you’re all doing well!

Along with some classic favorites, I have a few new products that I’ve been reaching for…and loving lately. Now that I have a fair idea on the performance of these products, I’m happy to share them with you!

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My Current Makeup Favorites

Although I’ve been more selective with my purchases lately, mostly because I don’t wear makeup as often as I used to, I’ve really been enjoying a handful of products which exceeded my expectations.

In order of application, these are the key products I’ve been using in almost every makeup session…

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Those of you who’ve been following me for some time, know I’m obsessed with this product; and I’ve featured it on previous posts before.

Hollywood Flawless Filter is a hybrid of sheer tinted foundation and a liquid highlighter. It can be worn on its own, under foundation or as liquid highlighter.

Needless to say, it still holds top spot for me, especially on days where I want just enough coverage but with a healthy glow.

SHOP Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter – shades 4, 4.5 & 5

The only issue I had with this product was the color selection.

My first bottle was #4 – which is an olive undertone. And at the time it was the closest to my NC30/35 skin tone. Even though I made it work as a primer under makeup and as a highlighter, the shimmer component has always been a little too frosty to wear on its own.

So I purchased the next shade up which was #5.  Whilst this shade has a beautiful warm undertone and the shimmer is definitely softer on my skin, the base color is a little too peachy – especially when I’m not tanned. Again, not the right undertone to wear on its own.

Fast forward many months, and Charlotte Tilbury announced that they were adding new shades to the Hollywood Flawless Filter range.

Enter shade #4.5! As the number suggests, it ended up being the perfect in between shade. So now I use this product on its own which makes my no-makeup makeup days an absolute breeze! Current color range is definitely more versatile.


This powder is a fairly new release but it’s been one of those “where have you been all my life” products.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Dior Backstage line and this powder further confirmed why I love their products so much.

Described as, “a transparent gel base powder infused with soft-focus pigments that instantly erase imperfections and mattify the complexion; meanwhile mother of pearl micro-particles help to naturally emphasize and highlight radiance”; this powder delivers on all the claims!

SHOP Dior Backstage Powder-No-Powder HERE

Dior Backstage Face & Body Powder-No-Powder; shade 2N

This powder is the most finely milled powder I own. I went with shade 2N which was the closest to my skin tone, however, given how sheer this powder is, you can easily get away with going up or down a shade.

What I love about this powder is its instant blurring effect. And although it mattifies the skin, it also leaves a beautiful sheen that holds up for hours. Last time I wore this powder, I had it on for 8hrs and it did not budge – and that includes my T-zone which typically purges after an hour or two regardless of the powder I wear. I was super impressed.

Available in 10 shades, Dior Backstage Powder-No-Powder is worth every cent in my opinion.


I have a thing for shimmery coral blush that doubles up as both blush and highlight. And I have plenty of cream formulas in this finish but I’ve been looking for a light powder formula that I can layer over contour/bronzers.

I grabbed this Natasha Denona Mini Bloom blush on my way through the dangerous Sephora setup that leads to the registers. And I haven’t parted with it since…

SHOP Natasha Denona Mini Bloom Blush HERE

Natasha Denona Mini Bloom Highlighting Blush

With a gorgeous pop of salmon/coral as a base and soft champagne shimmers that instantly highlights the cheeks, this blush is flattering on all skin tones.

My only gripe about it is that it’s a mini compact. Although a little goes a long way, I’d love to have a full size of this blush…please…Natasha.


Talk about blush, I’m including these much loved cream sticks by Nudestix is because I typically use the Sunkissed shade – which is a warm terracotta – to frame my face and add a bit of structure and warmth.

I alternate with the color In The Nude depending on how deep I want the shade to be but Sunkissed is my favorite cream blush…of all time

SHOP Nudestix Cream Blush HERE

Nudestix Cream Blush – Sunkissed & In The Nude

The formula of the Nudestix cream blushes make them stand out above the rest for me…even though cream blushes are really popular this year and many brands are bringing out their own versions.

The Nudestix formula glides on beautifully without disrupting the makeup underneath. It’s creamy enough to deposit plenty of color, yet super light which makes it really easy to blend into a flawless finish. It wears really well and doesn’t melt or move either.

Nudestix cream blush range comes in many different shades, as well as bronzers if you enjoy cream products.


I was so excited seeing the PR posts of this fairly new brow pencil from Huda Beauty.

Its selling point is the 0.9mm tip which makes it the smallest brow pencil on the market. And that certainly caught my attention cos I personally don’t fill my brows in completely. I prefer the skin to show through the hairs which gives me a softer, more natural look.

And in order to do that, I need a very fine tip pencil that mimics hair-like strokes…

SHOP Huda Beauty BombBrows Pencil HERE

Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Microshade Pencil

I did a comparison of the Huda Beauty brow pencil against a cult favorite which is Anastasia Brow Wiz (which is what I usually use).

As seen in the photos, the Huda Beauty Bomb Brows pencil is considerably smaller than Anastasia Brow Wiz; and this also translates into the swatches too.

At first, I struggled with application, purely cos I was afraid to apply too much pressure in case I broke the pencil cos it’s so thin. And this wasn’t giving me the color payoff I was hoping for. But then I just went for it and to my surprise also realised how tough this tiny pencil really is.

I can draw sharp hair-like lines and brush over to diffuse the color if need be. Staying power is also amazing. It doesn’t bleed or smudge at all.

The only downside of this pencil, especially if you prefer a fully filled in, block brow is that it will need replacing much quicker than the standard size wind-up pencils such as Anastasia Brow Wiz.

It’s available in a great range of colors. I have Medium Brown, but I’m considering going up a shade on my next purchase for a bit more contrast against my own hairs.


Last but not least, is the only lip product I’ve been wearing since I got them….Sephora Lip Stories balms.

I saw this range in store couple of months ago and the gorgeous packaging along with the price point was enough to draw me in…

SHOP Sephora LipStories Balms HERE

Sephora Lip Stories Lip Balm – #7 Time To Party; #8 Ditching Class

There are quite a few colors within this range both with and without shimmers. However, I love that subtle sparkle in tinted balms so I went with the two shades that had shimmer in them.

#7 Time To Party is a soft peachy pink (even though it looks much brighter in the tube) with iridescent pink shimmers. #8 Ditching Class is a muted copper with peachy/golden shimmers.

They feel amazing on the lips and pair really well over other lipsticks. The formula isn’t too oily so they wear off really nice leaving just enough color and shimmer behind. Definite must!

And that pretty much wraps up all the exciting products I’ve been loving lately. Of course I add concealer, eyeliner and mascara into the mix depending on my mood but this combo of products add an instant, fuss-free boost of glow and color to my face which I love.

What are your current favorite makeup products? Share in the comments below xo

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