Must Have Tools For Flawless Skin

by Sarah

I know I sound like a broken record in stressing out the importance of healthy skin but I promise I have a good case for it.

Along with diet (especially water intake), skincare routines and supplements, I’ve been a devout fan of some skincare tools which I swear by.

And as the saying goes, ‘sharing is caring’ so I hope this post helps you introduce some new-found favorites into your routine too…

Must Have Skincare Tools For Flawless Skin

As a side note, all of the tools I’m covering in this post are available at Amazon at different price points, however I’ve also included mid to higher end options for those of you who may be interested.

Without further ado, here are my top 3 must-have tools for flawless skin…


I need to start with the Derma Roller because the results of this little baby has been instant, and it continued to get better with time.

A derma roller is a small wheel that contains tiny little needles which is rolled over the face (or body) to penetrate the skin. It creates tiny little holes in the skin which not only helps any skincare product you use afterwards absorb better, but it also helps skin create new cells to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Plumping up the skin, softening fine lines/wrinkles, increasing circulation for a healthy glow and fading mild acne/pigmentation spots are some of the key benefits of the derma roller.

You can also use derma rollers to treat marks, spots and stretch marks on the body, as well as on the scalp to increase circulation for hair growth.

Derma Roller 0.5mm needles

Now, I know the idea of needles is daunting enough, let alone rolling tens of them over your face. And I’m not gonna lie, it does hurt a bit at first, especially in areas like the forehead and smile lines but I promise it eases up with each use.

I use my derma roller once or twice a week before my night time routine. I do a once-over, and then go back in for more intense rolling over areas that I may have breakout/pigmentation spots.

My skin definitely feels a lot tighter, pores look minimized and overall skin texture is so much smoother.

Starting from as little as $9, derma rollers come with different size needles. I have the standard 0.5mm needles and this is generally good for regular skincare use.

If you have old acne spots, deep scars on the face and body, or even stretch marks, then you can opt for bigger needles. I’d recommend you research derma rolling with bigger needles further.

***There are many how-to videos on YouTube for specific concerns if you’d like to see it in action.

Below options are all via Amazon; make sure to type in the needle size in search bar – depending on your preference:


Derma Roller Options


Another roller, yet completely different concept. Whilst this facial massage tool still improves the texture of skin by promoting circulation, lymphatic drainage and firming, it’s the lifting and sculpting aspect of it which has me hooked.

This little roller has a perfect ergonomic design to hug the contours of the face. The little balls spin in different directions which help the tool glide effortlessly across the skin.

Facial Roller – massage tool

I use this massage tool every night for 5-10mins. I concentrate along my jawline and in the contours of my cheek bones – rolling in upwards motion to lift the skin. I then do under the eyes, over my nose, smile lines and down the neck.

The relaxing part of it is already a bonus but it’s the lifting, sculpting effect that I really love. I notice a difference, particularly in how prominent my cheekbones look when I use it on a regular basis.

This tool comes in many different sizes which can also be used on the body to help with circulation and improve the texture of skin.

Amazon version starts at $10 and the original face roller by ReFa can go upwards of $400+.

I’m also including a jade roller which is made of natural stone (and just as popular); as well as a sonic version by NuFace which is making a lot of waves lately.


Face Roller / Mount Lai Jade Roller ReFa S Carat / NuFace


I can almost hear you say “I thought needles were daunting!” and I totally get it.

As women, the idea of shaving our faces is quite scary, especially that we’re conditioned to attach “you’ll grow a beard” to the process. But I can assure you, dermaplaning has been around for years in pro-salons, as well as some cultures. And no, you won’t grow a beard.

Dermaplaning is used to rid the face off peach fuzz, as well as gently exfoliate the top layer of skin from dead skin cells. This combination leaves the skin so smooth and shiny that your makeup looks flawless to say the least.

Single Blade Face Razor

I started dermaplaning many many years ago because I started laser hair removal on my face to treat some hormonal issues. Before each treatment I used to have to shave my face and that’s also the time I discovered the exfoliating benefits of this process.

If you have facial hair due to hormonal issues, that’s a different ball game and should be treated professionally. But if you want to try dermaplaning for peach fuzz/exfoliation and worried you’ll grow a beard (or the hairs will come back thicker), that’s a myth. Peach fuzz comes back exactly the same as before you shaved it; not any thicker nor intense.

I don’t shave as often as I used to anymore, simply cos I pretty much treated all my hormonal issues and I use a gentle daily exfoliant which keeps my skin free of dead skin cells and build up.

That said, if you’ve never tried dermaplaning and interested to do so, I would highly recommend it.

The single blade razors listed below are gentle and easy to use. Just rest the blade lightly against your skin and shave in short downward strokes. You’ll see there will be some dead skin along with the peach fuzz and your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom.

You can find the single blade razors in beauty supply stores at couple of dollars. I recently got the 3-pack ones from Sephora for $8.


Shave & Smooth Facial Razor / Level Setter Razor Set / Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe

There are so many professional treatments to achieve healthy glowing skin; however we’re also spoilt for choice when it comes to at-home options.

I hope these simple and inexpensive tools help combat some of your skincare concerns; or simply give you the results you’ve always been dreaming of.

Please share in the comments your personal experiences with either these, or other skincare tools.

Hope you’re all having a great week! xo

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Lillian February 11, 2019 - 11:36 pm

Between Refa and Nuface (and the new Nuface for eyes), what do you lean towards?

Sarah February 12, 2019 - 6:17 am

I would personally go with NuFace as I know the functions and features are so much more advanced than Refa. Refa is more of a manual tool, whereas the NuFace does all the lifting and rejuvenating for you. I hope that makes sense :)

Lillian February 12, 2019 - 5:02 pm

Thank you! Helps a lot!

Karen December 31, 2018 - 3:43 am

For the facial roller do you put on your moisturizer first before using the roller
Or roll onbare skin?

Sarah January 1, 2019 - 4:51 am

I roll first and then apply my moisturizer or serum. The roller helps penetrate the skincare products into the skin :)

J.Q. December 22, 2018 - 2:13 pm

What is the steps you take for your microneedling routine that you do once or twice a week? Specifically, do you go over the area several times with the roller?

Sarah December 22, 2018 - 2:26 pm

Hi JQ, typically I use the roller twice a week. I go over my whole face once, and then several times in areas where I need more improvement to my skin – like pigmentation spots, pores and if I had any breakouts and need those spots treated.
The skin gets used to the roller with regular use so you’ll be able to judge how often and how intense you need to use it :)

JQ December 22, 2018 - 3:18 pm

Hi Sarah, this looks like the sectipn from Lisa’s blog post above. What I was looking for was specifically, if someone goes over trouble areas seven or eight times, that would be a specific answer. “Several times” is not specific.

Sarah December 23, 2018 - 2:42 am

Then I would classify my several times as 4 times. I hope that helps :)
Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean about Lisa’s post? Do you mean Sarah’s post? in which case that would be me as it’s my site :)


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