Melanie Mills x Sonjdra Deluxe Peach Deluxe

by Sarah

Happy 2017 beauties! I hope you all had a fabulous start to the new year; and in our case, may it be filled with amazing makeup and beauty products! Talk about…what better way to kick off the first post than with a shimmering, glowing, sparkling newbie.

YouTube/Instagram influencer Sonjdra Deluxe’s collaboration with Melanie Mills brings us my latest favorite product:

Gleam Body Radiance in Peach Deluxe!

Melanie Mills x Sonjdra Deluxe – Gleam Body Radiance in Peach Deluxe

Melanie Mills is renowned for her shimmering body lotions which transforms the skin into a glowing goddess-like finish. The lotions are a Makeup + Moisturizer + Highlighter all rolled into one and can be used on both the face and the body. Currently there are 5 shades in total and all colors are universal. *Colors are shown at the end of the post.

What put Melanie Mills Gleam Body Lotions on the map as a face primer was Sonjdra Deluxe. Sonjdra always used the color Rose Gold as her face primer and the results were always breath taking. So it made total sense when she collaborated with Melanie Mills to create a brand new shade called Peach Deluxe and it’s perfection in a bottle to say the least.

True to its name, Peach Deluxe carries a soft peachy undertone with fine gold shimmer throughout. Such a color is particularly great to brighten dull skin; and soft gold shimmer gives the illusion of a smooth blurred look with a healthy glow.

Melanie Mills x Sonjdra Deluxe – Peach Deluxe

The lotion itself is light weight. It doesn’t feel oily, doesn’t collect or leave any residue once applied. It provides an even layer and an instant glow to the skin. It sets within minutes which is what I love the most about this product. Regardless of your skin type, it manages to hydrate as well as keep oil at bay.

There’s a light scent to the lotion but it’s a good balance of sweet and masculine which doesn’t over-power the senses. Suitable for use on the face (on its own or under makeup); and on the body; here are some other details about this formula:

Wrinkle Filler and skin tightener; Makes skin look like velvet perfection; Perfect for spray tans to enhance, even out skin, add depth and extend; Create an instant tan that lasts all night; Highlight, create a subtle glow, enhance natural skin tone, tan , perfect; Diminish flaws like varicose veins, small stretch marks and discoloration

Melanie Mills x Sonjdra Deluxe Peach Deluxe Gleam Body Radiance

I really struggled with lighting and photos today. You guys know I’m quite particular about only posting photos that are true to the color/finish of the actual product, so the above shot is a thick layer to show the undertones of the peachy color and the gold shimmer.

And below is the closest I could get to what it looks like blended out. It literally blurs and evens out the skin; as well as adding that subtle shimmering glow…

Melanie Mills x Sonjdra Deluxe – Peach Deluxe

This lotion is amazing as an all over body product, however, I bought it to use as a face primer and I can definitely vouch for it living up to its claims. It sets within minutes and doesn’t move around under foundation or even powder. You can also add this to the high points of the face as a liquid highlighter if you prefer that additional glow.

As a side note: I also use Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid (in Opal) as a primer. In terms of finish, both Becca Opal and Peach Deluxe are quite similar; however, I find that Peach Deluxe sets and provides a better base as a face primer than Becca (which is more emollient and can move around).

Here’s the stunning Sonjdra Deluxe and the models with many different skin tones using Peach Deluxe. I’m happy to see many brands are now creating universally flattering products and actually showing the results in their PR campaigns.

Sonjdra Deluxe x Peach Deluxe Gleam Body Radiance

Including Peach Deluxe, there are 5 shades in the range and some of the colors are also available in loose powder highlighter. All Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance lotions come in 1.0oz $15 and 3.4oz $40 bottles. The minis are great if you’d like to try different colors.

Melanie Mills products are available for purchase via their website here; they also offer International Shipping.

Melanie Mills Glean Body Radiance

As for Sonjdra Deluxe; she happens to be one of my favorite Youtubers. With her edgy style and unique approach to makeup, I highly recommend you check out her YouTube Channel here

What do you think of Peach Deluxe? Have you tried Melanie Mills products before?

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Sam January 12, 2017 - 9:40 am

I LOVE this product.

Jessica January 8, 2017 - 7:15 pm

that glow!!!


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