Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection

by Sarah

One of the most anticipated collections is finally available to purchase, so I thought I’d give you beauties the heads up so you can get your favorites before they sell out.

Marc Jacobs is extending their coconut line of products; and with their sleek white packaging and delicious coconut infusion in each product, there’s already so much excitement surrounding them…

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Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection 2017

Marc Jacobs released their very first coconut based product, the Undercover Perfecting Primer last year, which has been a favorite of those with normal/dry skin as it provides plenty of hydration.

Riding on the success of that primer, we now have four additional products added into the mix. These products (except the bronzer brush) are all infused with coconut extracts known for their nutrient rich properties. Makeup products with the added bonus of skincare benefits is what makes this collection all the more appealing:

Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection 2017  

Being such a highlighter fan, the product I’m most excited about from this line is the Dew Drops Gel Highlighter. I got to try this baby and fell in love with its light texture and peachy/golden hue. It can be used on its own as a highlighter or mixed into foundations for a dewy finish. *The smell of coconut is not as prominent in this product, as it is with the primer or the setting mist.

Next up is the Recover Setting Mist. Although it claims to set the makeup, given the hydrating properties of the coconut extract, I would classify this product more as a finishing/binding spray for a glowing look.

O!Mega TanTastic Bronzer is another item which has a lot of hype surrounding it. Slightly cooler in tone than the existing Marc Jacobs bronzer, the sheer size and shiny white compact of this bronzer makes it a must-have item. Another new addition to perfectly accompany this bronzer is the Bronzer Brush. With fluffy bristles cut in a slight dome at the tip blends the product seamlessly with just enough precision.

Marc Jacobs Coconut Collection retails between $39-$78 and currently available online at Sephora. All I can say is: Happy Shopping! :)

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