MAC Tropical Taboo Collection 2013

by Sarah

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve been busy working on this (and the previous post – RiRi Hearts Summer here) about MAC’s latest collections.  Majority of my readers are from the US and Australia and considering products get released at different times in different countries, I try my best to update everyone ;)

This particular collection has just been released in the US, I don’t have a release date for Australia or other parts of the world as yet.  I’m just giving you guys the heads up so you can have a look at the products and be ready…or order online if you’re as impatient as I am :)

Here’s a breakdown of all the products from MAC Tropical Taboo Collection:



I love MAC’s mineralize skinfinish range so I’m happy that new colors are now available through this collection.  Although some of the skinfinish powders have more prominent sparkles, majority of them have a subtle shimmer.  These can be worn as a highlight on the cheekbones or as blush to add a beautiful glow to the skin. Adore and Soft n Gentle are my favorites from this range…so far :)

Adore: Coral with light beige pearl; Rio: Bronze with bright pink pearl; Lust: Pale pink with cranberry pearl; *Soft n Gentle: Gilded peach bronze; *Gold Deposit: Soft reflective Gold Bronze

*Part of MAC’s permanent line



These marbled blushes look amazing and it’s always a question mark what color you might get when all the swirls are mixed in together :)

Sweet Samba: Dark pink with tan pearl; Exotic Ember: Orange with bronze pearl; Simmer: Burnt rose with peach/gold pearl


I like the versatility of having 2 shades in the pot and getting yet another different shade when mixed together.  I think Bossa Blue will be a good color to have from this line.

Dare to Bare: Light cream with gold pearl; Caribbean: Rose with pink and red pearl; Cha Cha Cha: Deep blue green with green pearl; Time And Tango: Lavender with Silver Pearl; Tropica: Silver blue with purple; Bossa Blue: Royal blue with brown pearl



MAC’s description of this lipstick is: Medium shine finish with a buildable formula. It also says lightweight and moisturising so I’m thinking this will have a sheer finish rather than a heavier opaque coverage.

*Lady At Play: Mid-tonal cool tangerine; *Devine Choice: Mid-tonal cool pink cream; Midnight Mambo: Intense Violet; *Luxe Naturale: Light beige cream; *Glamour Era: Mid-tonal warm brown frost

*Part of MAC’s permanent line



Considering I’m such a fan of nude and natural lip colors, it’s no surprise I’m instantly drawn to Have To Have It lipliner and Calypso Beat gloss but Fever Isle gloss looks like a fun color.

Lipliners: Hip n Happy: Blue pink; Have To Have It: Soft warm beige; Heroine: Bright purple; Ablaze: Bright apricot

Lip Glosses: Calypso Beat: Pale neutral peach; Fever Isle: Bright red coral; Japanese Spring: Pale pink; Narcissus: Eggplant



Last but not least in this collection are the brushes, eyeliners and of course the mascara.  #187 and #287 brushes and the Extreme Dimension mascara are part of the permanent brush line.  Feline eyeliner has been launched previously and I purchased one which I’m still using to this day.  It’s a very very rich black (much darker and creamier than MAC Smolder); Orpheus is intense black with gold pearl.

For further information on this collection (and to purchase), please visit

What do you guys think about this collection? Have you spotted any favorites? xx


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Michelle Jenkins July 3, 2013 - 1:01 pm

Wow! I like this collection!! eyeshadows look great, have to check it out. Thanks!!


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