Guerlain Rouge G Customizable Lipsticks

by Sarah

Let’s steer away from mainstream beauty for a bit and delve into the luxurious world of Guerlain…the Rouge G lipsticks to be precise.

Guerlain recently launched a new collection of their Rouge G Customizable Lipsticks and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

In a simple 2-step process, you can choose your favorite shade of lipstick and put it in your favorite luxury case. The only dilemma I have with this line is deciding which lipstick and which case…or a number of them…or all??

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Guerlain Rouge G Customizable Lipsticks 

Guerlain’s Rouge G lipstick is not new. The formula itself was created in 1870s and is carried through the Rouge G line today. Containing plant based polymers, jojoba and mango butters and micro crystals, the finish is rich and luminous. The lipstick is available in 28 shades ranging from sheer nudes to vibrant reds and some fun colors such as green and yellow.

The iconic case, with its sleek lines and built in mirror was designed by jeweller Lorenz Bäumer which always had an air of “classic beauty meets modern chic”. That famous case is now available in 15 stunning designs to suit your personal taste.

So you choose your Rouge G lipstick color which are re-fills ($32), then choose your favorite case ($17.50)…and voila!

Guerlain Rouge G Customizable Lipstick

I’ll get to the many lipstick colors in a minute, but I just want to share the new case designs first.

Whether you’re after a playful boho look, or you prefer the classic metal, or you’re after a leather finish in different colors, there’s a case to suit every taste and occasion.

I mean…look at these babies!!!….

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Guerlain Rouge G Customizable Lipstick Cases

It’s already hard enough to pick a favorite case but Guerlain is giving us plenty of options with the lipstick colors too. Available in 28 shades (stock availability may vary from store to store), it’s hard to stop at just one color.

Luckily, the lipsticks are re-fills, so you can carry your favorite shades in your favourite cases or mix and match as you please.

I wrote the lipstick numbers on the tubes below so hopefully that’ll make it easier to pick your shades. From the colors I tested so far, numbers 520, 214, 67, 77, 25, 72, 21, 06, 03 really stood out.

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Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks

I was at airport duty free when I saw this collection. I started testing the lipsticks and trying to pick a case when my flight got called. I had to abort mission but I’m leaning towards lipstick #520 in the pink leather Miami Chic case…as a starter :)

Guerlain Rouge G lipstick refills retail at $32; and the cases are $17.50 each. Create your own combo HERE

Let me know in the comments which Guerlain Rouge G lipstick and case you would pair up

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Jackie May 30, 2018 - 3:42 pm

Crazy question but worth a try. I saw someone IG with one of these. It was in the silver metal case and the lipstick was a pretty pink. It was more like a balm. Would you know what number that might be? Far shot I know :)))

Sarah May 31, 2018 - 4:58 am

Hi Jackie, not a crazy question at all :) And you’re in luck cos that’s the one I narrowed it down to as my favorite. It’s #520. Quite sheer with a hint of baby pink tint. Hope that helps.

Jackie May 31, 2018 - 6:01 am

omg thank you so much!!!

Bianca May 30, 2018 - 9:01 am

I love Guerlain bronzers but I never tried anything else. Maybe this is a good time to try lol. I like everyday lipsticks so maybe No.62 with the black leather case.

Sarah May 31, 2018 - 4:54 am

The Rouge G formula is beautiful. I would also typically go for the black leather too. Classic staple :)

Jen May 29, 2018 - 5:17 pm

White marble cover and 214 red lipstic for me! But they’re all calling meeee!

Sarah May 31, 2018 - 4:53 am

Great combo! And yes, they’re all gorgeous!


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