Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection

by Sarah

Skin is in! And even color cosmetics are on board which endorse showing off your skin, enhancing it rather than covering it and blurring the lines between “is she wearing any makeup or not?”

Giorgio Armani’s Neo Nude Collection is a great example of color cosmetics promoting that effortless, no-makeup makeup look…

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Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection

There are a total of 5 products within the Neo Nude Collection. An illuminating pressed powder, a hydrating sheer lip balm, and contour, highlighter and blush all in liquid form.

Each category of product comes in a variety of shades, although stock availability seems to vary from store to store. I included swatches of some of the shades at the end of this post.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection

The packaging is classic Armani Beauty with clean minimalist lines in a soft pastel nude color, to tie in with the concept of the collection.

The powders come in a variety of shades and the lid of the compacts reflect this gradient of color.

The balm is in a traditional twist up tube and the liquid products (contour, highlighter and blush) are in a nail polish style bottle with a sponge tip applicator.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection

Going back to my introduction of color cosmetics jumping on the bandwagon of promoting and honoring “the skin”, this collection is for those who prefer to enhance the look of their skin rather than adding color with makeup if that makes sense.

The products themselves are very…and I mean VERY sheer. Think “a soft hue” rather than prominent color. They are buildable but you would need an awful lot of product and quite a few layers. Taking into account the concept behind this line, I think it would defeat the purpose.

Despite some of the colors, especially within the blush line looking quite vibrant and intense in the bottle or the wand, the application especially when blended is almost a barely-there type of finish. This applies to contour and highlighter also.

The most sheer however are the lip balms. One of the colors looked like a pretty opaque plum/berry in the pictures but I could only just get a flush of pink showing when swatched. They do however feel super soft and hydrating on the lips.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection

The powders are beautiful! They’re reminiscent of the Hourglass Ambient powders. They’re in between a setting powder and illuminator which leaves a soft sheen over the skin.

Again, the idea is to give the skin a luminous natural finish whilst keeping oil at bay or setting whatever other makeup you may have underneath (BB creams or tinted moisturizers would make for great bases for this collection).

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection Powders

And last but not least are some swatches from this collection.

These are 2 layers of the products directly from the wand/tube and NOT blended. Blended versions just did not reflect in the photos as well as they looked in person. The balm at the end is that plum/berry shade I was referring to earlier.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection

The Neo Nude is a beautiful collection if you prefer that natural no-makeup look.

The only thing to note is, given how sheer the finish is, I would love to see deeper shades of contour colors added to this line, especially for darker skin tones.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection ranges between $34 – $58 and you can shop the line HERE

What are your thoughts on this collection? What’s your favorite no-makeup makeup product?

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