Fenty Sun Stalk’r Bronzers

by Sarah

I guess it was a given that sooner or later we would see bronzers from Fenty Beauty; but I cannot contain my excitement now that they’re here!

Fenty Beauty announced couple of weeks ago that they would be launching a new line of bronzers, as well as some new additions to their existing Killawatt Highlighter and makeup brush range.

And going by the color range, the sheer deliciousness of the shiny bronze packaging, it’s gonna be a great summer for all of us…

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Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Bronzers

There are 8 new bronzers, 2 new Killawatt Highlighters, 2 new face brushes and 2 bronzer duo packs (featuring a mini highlighter stick and a mini powder bronzer).

Lets take a look at these beauties in detail. *Scroll all the way down as there are plenty of photos to see:


8 carefully curated colors make up the new Fenty Bronzer line. Being inclusive of all skin tones, the colors have a variety of different undertones ranging from neutral to warm.

The formula is long wearing and transfer resistant which is perfect especially for those hot summer days. The outer packaging is a stunning metallic bronze in the same shape and style as Fenty’s other powder products.

Fenty Sun Stalk’r Bronzers

Fenty Sun Stalk’r Bronzers


The Killawatt Highlighter range is getting two new members with this launch.

One is the single color in Killawatt Foil called Penny4uthots which is a gorgeous metallic copper.

The other is the Killawatt Duo in Afternoon Snack/Mo Hunny which is a shimmering bronze champagne in one half; and a supercharged (more intense shimmer finish) of the same color in the other.

As unique as the product names are, there was to be another single Killawatt Highlighter to drop within this launch which had the most stunning shimmer-berry color. However, it was named Geisha Chic and so many people complained about the name being culturally inappropriate so Fenty Beauty pulled this color from the launch until further notice. 

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil in Penny4uthots (left/top) – Killawatt Highlighter Duo in Afternoon Snack/Mo Hunny (right/bottom)


This launch also welcomes 2 new face brushes and 2 new mini bronzer duo packs.

The brushes are designed to be used with the new bronzers. One is the Sculpting Bronzer Brush which is a traditional domed shape, the other is Cheek Hugging Bronzer Brush which is curved to hug the curves of your cheeks when applying the bronzers.

The Duo Sets feature travel size of Fenty’s existing cream bronzer in the shade Sinamon (in both packs); and travel size of the new bronzers – one pack contains the lighter shade Shady Biz; and the other is the darker shade Caramel Cutie

Fenty Summer 2019

There are multiple items I’ll be purchasing from this launch so visit me on Instagram (@sarahbeautypov) to see them in detail. I share products, swatches and updates there more often.

The new Fenty Bronzers retail at $30; Killawatt Highlighters are $34; Sculpting Bronzer Brush is $34; Cheek Hugging Bronzer Brush is $36; and the mini Duo Packs are $24 each.

You can now shop the line in-store at Sephora or HERE online

What do you think of this launch? Let me know which product(s) you’re planning to purchase from this range :)

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Alisha April 6, 2019 - 5:44 am

I’m loving the shade range because it’s always hard finding bronzers for darker skin tones. I think my color would be Caramel Cutie cos I’m shade 400s in the fenty foundations. Love the compact also!


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