Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzers & Blushes

by Sarah

I’ve been waiting impatiently for the delivery of my new Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer and Blushes…and they’re finally here!

I picked up the colors that caught my eye which I included swatch pictures below; however, I also share unboxing of all new products, video swatches and looks with the products I review on my Instagram, so come join me @sarahbeautypov

Without further ado, introducing Fenty Cheeks Out cream bronzer and blushes…

SHOP Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer and Blushes HERE

Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer and Blushes

I know color cream products got plenty of bad reviews over the years for being hard to use, patchy, uneven, moving, melting and the list goes on. However, performance of a color cream product depends on one key factor: the formula.

Once you get the right formula, you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to use, providing a natural look which is seamless and youthful.

Fenty Cheeks Out range combines everything I love in a cream product: Easy application, seamless buildable finish, non-greasy formula that is suitable for all skin types.

Furthermore, the range is available in 7 matte cream bronzers in various undertones; and a gorgeous palette of 10 cream blush shades…

SHOP Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzers and Blushes HERE

Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzers and Blushes

I started off with 1 bronzer in the color Teddy; and 2 blush colors in Strawberry Drip and Fuego Flush. This trio is heaven together!

The bronzer color Teddy is quite dark for my skin tone; however, as those of you who’ve been following me for some time know, I usually go for darker/cool-toned cream bronzers cos I use them as a ‘bronzer/contour duo’ to add dimension to my face.

Teddy is a perfect balance of both warm and cool undertones. The formula being sheer yet buildable makes this product an absolute breeze to work with.

In terms of the blushes, Strawberry Drip caught my eye right away. It has a pinkish coral undertone which looks gorgeous on the cheeks.

Fuego Flush is a shimmering orange/mango. It may not look like a typical blush color many would reach for but it adds such a pretty warm sheen to the skin. Layered over Teddy bronzer or mixed on top of Strawberry Drip, it’s absolute perfection!

*I did a heavy swatch below to show how much the colors can be built up; you can go as sheer or intense as you like.

SHOP Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Bronzers and Blushes HERE

Fenty Cheeks Out – Cream Bronzer in Teddy; Cream Blush in Strawberry Drip & Fuego Flush

Fenty really came through with this new line of cream products; and now that I tried them, I’m definitely going back for more colors.

They apply and blend with ease; they set and do not feel greasy or melt away. The color range is amazing with plenty of undertones; and neutral or punchy shades…whatever your preference may be.

Cased in stylish compacts, the bronzers are priced at $32 (0.22oz/6.23g); and the blushes are $20 (0.1oz/3g); and can be purchased HERE

What color(s) are your favorites? Share them in the comments below xo

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Melissa Mitchells April 28, 2020 - 4:26 am

Hi Sarah great review as always! What’s the best way to apply these?

Sarah April 28, 2020 - 7:19 am

Thanks Melissa! With this type of sheer to buildable formula, I usually dab the product with my fingers or use a fluffy blending brush. Real Techniques setting brush is perfect for color cream products. *don’t let the name confuse you, all brushes are multi-use :) xo

Lee April 27, 2020 - 2:55 am

I kept looking at these but I needed a trusting source to say they were worth buying. And here you are. Just placed my order for Honey bronzer, Summer Wine, Daiquiri and Petal Poppin blush. Can’t wait! Thanks Sarah.

Sarah April 28, 2020 - 7:17 am

Oh great picks Lee! I’m definitely going back for Summer Wine and Petal Poppin too; Rose Latte was another one I’m sure to add to this lot. Enjoy your newbies!! xo


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