Favourite Makeup Products Series: Lips

by Sarah

Last but definitely not least of the favourite makeup product series is lips.  You can find Favourite Base products here, Favourite Cheek products here and Favourite Eye products here.

As with blush and bronzers, lip products can also instantly boost our look.  I’m a nude-lip kinda gal and especially for everyday wear, I prefer a subtle yet hydrated look.  I also have very high expectations of the formulas I wear, as I prefer them to last throughout the day and wear off evenly (if they must :)

These particular line of lip products come in a variety of colors depending on your skin tone and preference; quality and performance wise, they are really amazing.

Favourite Lip Products

Hydrate: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms: I did a review on a range of Burt’s Bees lip products a while back (see the post here); and I keep singing the praise of their products, especially these tinted lip balms.  They give off such a beautiful sheen of color and just enough moisture.  They’re not too oily, nor too sticky.  The 3 shades I featured here are my favourites but you can check my Burt’s Bees post for others in the range.

Line: MAC Prolongwear Lipliners: Lipliners are a must for me, for shaping the lips, as well as creating a long wearing base for the lipsticks and lipglosses I use on top. As for many other products, I also prefer colorstay formulas when it comes to lipliners – why have a product disappear on you, when you can have one that lasts right? :) These MAC Prolongwear lipliners are super smooth and they last for hours and hours. Revlon also makes great colorstay lipliners but I find the MAC range has more colors available. Definitely worth a try if you prefer long wearing lip products.

Color: Rimmel Nude Delight: By far my all time favorite nude (and also formula).  It’s creamy yet not too glossy, soft yet doesn’t melt off easily and the color is really pretty. There are many other shades within the Rimmel range so you’re bound to find a favourite too.

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick: I picked up a few of these lipsticks when CVS was having a sale and I really like the formula.  It’s not drying like some of the liquid type colorstay lipsticks – you know, the double ended ones with gloss on the other side.  It goes on quite smoothly and has a sheen but then dries to a matte finish.  I usually apply gloss over it to keep the hydration but, it’s still better than some of the other formulas.

Gloss: MAC Prolongwear Lipgloss: Yes it’s that word again…prolongwear, colorstay – I wasn’t kidding when I said I love long wearing formulas :) When I pair this gloss up with the Prolongwear lipliner, I easily get a good 6-8hr wear out of it – that includes eating and drinking.  Again, I tend to have more of the nude/neutral shades but the line has really beautiful colors available.

Korres Antioxidant Lipgloss: Korres is a brand that I feel should be more publicised as they really do have some amazing products.  I’m waiting on some of my recent Korres purchases to arrive and I will do a review on the company and the products as soon as I get them.  This gloss is almost like a liquid lipstick.  The color payoff and the texture is so beautiful and although it’s not a colorstay formula as such, it has a pretty decent wear time. Korres products are available at Sephora or online, but I will give further details when I do my Korres post ;)

Lastly, though not pictured here, for the universal perfect classic red lip, MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is a clear winner!


What are your favourite lip products? Are you a nude-lip or a bright-lip fan?

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