DIY: Lash & Brow Growth Serum

by Sarah

A few posts back, I shared my not-so-pleasant experience with eyelash extensions and the damage they caused my  lashes (full story here).  I also mentioned that I nursed them back to normality with a DIY organic lash & brow growth serum; so on this post, I thought I would share this super easy yet extremely effective concoction with you.

It’s no surprise natural oils and plant based treatments are getting quite the attention in the world of beauty and cosmetics, bringing much needed attention to many readily available oils, which in fact have been used by many generations before us with great results.

Castor oil is one of these quiet achievers. Derived from the seeds of the castor bean, this oil is rich in a variety of fatty acids and anti inflammatory properties, and its uses vary from pain relief and aid in digestion to moisturising benefits for skin and hair. The oil is very thick and sticky in consistency, therefore when used for hair, lash and brows, it’s ideal to dilute it with a carrier oil for easier application.

This is where the almond oil (or coconut oil if you prefer) come into play. I personally prefer almond oil, as it’s also rich in fatty acids which is great for hair and skin. The light, runny texture of almond oil blends very easily with castor oil and although I’ve also used coconut oil in the past, the castor + almond oil duo has been the most effective mixture for me.

When using natural oils, it’s very important to purchase oils that are organic and cold-pressed – meaning they have been extracted at their absolute natural form, without any heat to affect the purity of the oil. 


MIX: No matter what container/bottle you use, pour in 50/50 of the oils – half the bottle with castor oil, the other half with almond (or coconut) oil. Shake the bottle really well to make sure the castor oil is completely diluted into the almond/coconut oil.

USE: If you’re using the mixture for eyelashes and brows, keep a disposable mascara wand handy. Cover the wand with your oil mixture and apply to the brows and lashes as you would a mascara or brow gel. Massage any excess oil into the brows and also along your lashline.

If you’re using the mixture for hair, start by massaging it into the roots and scalp first. This will help boost circulation which is great for hair growth. Apply more oil to the ends of the hair where hair can get quite dry and split; tie your hair up in a bun or comb it back if you have short hair and let the oil work its magic. You can leave the oil from an hour to overnight, depending on how much time you have. Wash it off with your regular shampoo and conditioner as you normally would.

REPEAT: For lash and brows, apply daily – I would recommend doing this before bed time at nights; otherwise the oils can affect your makeup and also melt away or move with your body heat. During sleep is also when hair, skin and nail cells replenish so it’s the perfect time to give them a healthy boost with your serum.

For hair, depending on how damaged your hair is, start off with once a week. The results you get and the feel of your hair will help you determine whether you need to stick to weekly treatments or you can ease off to once every 10 days to fortnight.

RESULTS: I can only draw from my own experience, however after about the first week of using the mixture on my brows and lashes, I started seeing new fine hairs starting to come through. By about the end of the first month, my lashes were pretty much back to full and they just got stronger from there.

Considering I had bald patches along my lashline because of the damage the lash extensions caused, I was very happy with how quickly the oils worked. So if you’re especially looking to strengthen your existing lashes and brows, you may very well see results much quicker.

NOTE: As with any new product, it’s helpful to do a patch test on your skin; just to make sure you don’t react to any of the oils you’re using.

Do you have any favorite DIY treatments you can share? 


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