Diablo Lash Lift Kit

by Sarah

My answer to “if you could only have one beauty product/tool, what would it be?’…is always an eyelash curler!

I think we all know the transformative powers of long, healthy but especially well-curled lashes; as they instantly open up the eyes and give the face an overall lift.

Recently, my sister asked me to do an at-home lash lift for her. Diablo lash lift kits have been on my list for a while so I decided to try it…

Diablo Cosmetics LashLift Starter Bundle 

Diablo Cosmetics has a few different sets on their site, as well as individual items to restock. The kit I got is the Lashlift Starter Bundle which has every item needed to achieve professional results. At 5 applications per kit, it promises 10 months of lifted lashes.

The kit includes; perming/fix/nourishing lotions; adhesive; cleanser; 5 different sizes of lift pads; eyelash wands, applicators and a comb

If you’ve had professional lash lifts done before, you probably have a fair idea of the process; however, even if you don’t, the instructions are pretty easy to follow. Diablo Cosmetics also has video tutorials on their site which goes through all the steps in detail.

The very first thing I did was to decide on the lift pad size. Lift pads are wedge-shaped silicon pieces which get fixed to the eyelids very close to the lash line; and the lashes are laid flat on top – to set them in place for the curling/perming process.

There are 5 different curl sizes. The smaller the pad, the more intense/upright the curl. The larger the pad, softer and more subtle the curl.

To be on the safe side for a first-try, we opted for size M pad. *I’ll explain why I’ll use a different size next time, when I share the Before/After photos at the end.

Next up, I put all the individual products I needed on a tray in order of use; including additional items such as tissues, Q-tips, scissors and cling wrap – which all came in really handy by the way.

We cleaned and dried my sister’s lashes thoroughly, to make sure there was no mascara or product residue. And then the fun began…

The adhesive in the kit is pretty much lash glue – at least it looked and performed exactly like it. The brand claims all their products are completely safe and irritant-free, however, if you have latex allergies, it might be worthwhile to double check with them.

I applied the adhesive to the curved side of the Medium size lift pad and waited for the glue to get tacky – just as we typically would when applying false lashes too.
*When I was reading the reviews, I noticed some people mentioned having issues with the adhesive not sticking properly. I truly think this is because you have to allow the glue to get tacky, or you can be a little bit more generous with the amount than a very thin layer; so keep that in mind

Once the glue was tacky (after about 30-50 seconds), I carefully stuck it down on the eyelid, as close to the lash line as I could get. If the pad size you selected is too long, you can trim the ends – which is where the scissors come in handy.

Once the pads were secure, I moved onto the next step, which was to apply the adhesive to the exposed side of the lift pads.
*Again, waiting for the glue to get tacky is key here.

As soon as the glue was ready, I used the little black comb with the tiny teeth side to brush the lashes up against the lift pads.
*How you brush up and position the lashes is key when it comes to the results so take your time with this process. You can always go in with more glue if you make any mistakes, or some lashes don’t stick down

I combed the lashes straight up but if you prefer a more elongated, cat-eye look, you can brush them slightly skewed towards the outer corners of the eyes. As I secured the lashes where I wanted them, I flipped the comb to its flat side to lay down the lashes completely flat against the pad.

Now came the lotions. The kit includes little sponge tip applicators where the first solution Lift is applied at the very base of the lashes.
*The instructions say not to apply this too far up the lashes, as it can melt off the glue and release the lashes you already secured into place. However I’ll probably put more of this product on, and a little further up the lashes next time – rather than a very thin line at the base only

When the lashes are covered in the Lift solution, place the piece of cling wrap over the eye and let it cook between 3-5 mins as recommended. I went for the safe happy-medium of 4 mins.

After the 4 mins is up, carefully wipe off the Lift solution from the lashes – go from inner to outer corner, rather than base to tips. Q-tips really helped with this process.

Repeat the same steps with the Fix solution, for another 3-5 mins – again covering it with cling wrap while it cooks.

The lift/curl part of the process is done. You then use the cleanser which is included in the kit to melt off the lash glue – both to set free the lashes and the lift pad. You may still see some residue and this too can be cleaned away with Q-tips and cleanser.

When everything is nice and clean, use the disposable mascara wand to apply the Nourish lotion to the lashes to keep them hydrated.

Move onto the other eye and repeat the same process.

Diablo Lash Lift – after photos have nourishing lotion on, which makes the lashes look wet/clumped together

It’s now been 2 weeks since we did my sister’s lash lift. As recommended, she didn’t get any water/steam on her lashes for 24hrs to allow them to really settle in. She’s used the nourishing lotion on them every night since.

The curl is still there, though it’s started to soften up a bit. A tighter curl with the Small lift pad; and a longer time of leaving on the Lift/Fix solution will probably give her more longevity next time round.


All and all, as daunting as it may look on the surface, the process of this lash lift was really simple.

The results are good, however, I will be doing some things slightly differently next time. I may as well share my notes too, so you can be mindful of them also if you choose to lash-lift at home:

  1. It really helped to clearly prep the items I needed on a tray in order of use -including separate applicator wands for each solution
  2. I will most likely use the Small lift pad next time, as the curl was soft and natural with the Medium pad, however both my sister and I prefer more of an intense, upright curl. That said, for a first time use, I would still recommend to start with a Medium pad and decide from there
  3. Using both the tooth and the flat side of the comb when laying down the lashes onto pads really helped. The teeth of the comb helped separate the strands, while the flat side really secured them down.
  4. Although the recommended time for the Lift and Fix solutions were 3-5 mins (and I did 4 mins), I will most likely leave them on for 5-6 mins next round. If you have really coarse or dead straight lashes like us, you may want to do at least 5 mins yourself.

I hope this detailed run down of my experience with Diablo Lash Lift System was helpful – especially if you’ve been considering trying an at-home lash lift yourself.

I think it’ll be slightly more challenging to do it on myself, but given it’ll be done one eye at a time, I think I can manage.

Shop Diablo Cosmetics Lash Lift Kits HERE

Tag me on social media, or let me know in the comments if you end up trying it; and also if you have any specific questions xo


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Alison June 2, 2022 - 1:44 pm

This is a really helpful breakdown, thank you so much! I’ve had this kit sitting around for far too long, and finally ready to give it a try.

Sarah June 4, 2022 - 2:29 pm

Aww I’m so happy to hear that! Please let me know how you go 😊

Madeline March 31, 2022 - 5:55 am

I’ve never been too keen on lash extensions (due to the damage etc) but a lash lift sounds like a great alternative. It looks so natural but there’s an obvious change too!


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