How To Detox: Skin & Body

by Sarah

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great start to 2014!

The holiday season can be quite stressful on our bodies and skin, with so much food and drinks and desserts and maybe not much exercise either. And just when we think it can’t get worse, NYE parties come along…

If you had a big night partying, eating, drinking and rolling into bed when the sun’s coming out, chances are you’re needing sunglasses to even open the fridge door the next day.

Your stomach may be churning, your head pounding, your feet aching and then you look in the mirror and wonder how your skin turned so gray and dull overnight with dark circles and bags under your eyes. Trust me, I know, it’s not a pretty sight but fret not as the tips below will have you looking and feeling better in no time.


If you were too lazy to take your makeup off the night before, start by doing a thorough cleanse of your face. Use Q-tips to rub in between your eye lashes to make sure you remove all residue that may have worked into your lashline.

Apply a hydrating/moisturising face (and eye) mask. This can be your favorite skincare brand, or you can stock up on the following masks, which are great to keep on hand to give your skin the much needed boost any time you want.


They are by an online company called Imomoko, which even celebs are a huge fan of. They have so many amazing (and inexpensive) masks and skincare brands to choose from but for the purpose of this post, following masks are perfect to boost your skin:

Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask $1.99 hereAloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask $1.99 here

CEL-DERMA Ideal Radiance Hydro Gel Mask $15.00 here; Revitilising Moisture Gel Eye Strips $9.00 here

*You can check the full range of skin and body masks including the super skin boosting Glamlow range HERE


If you don’t have any skincare products or masks, you can also make these effective DIY masks to revitalise your skin instantly:

For the Face: Mix 2 tablespoon of honey with juice of half a lemon. Mix well and apply all over the face avoiding the eye area.

For the Eyes: Leave a tea bag (either black or green tea) in half a cup of warm water until you have a heavy brew. Dip 2 cotton pads into the tea, squeeze the excess and place the pads over your eyes. It’s better to leave the tea in the fridge to cool for a while to help with any bags or puffiness you may have around the eyes. This is great to use along with the honey-lemon face masks as you get to have a rest while the ingredients get to work.

*Remove both masks after about 15-20 mins and you’ll notice an instant brightening/tightening effect.



epsomsaltBest method to relieve aching/tired muscles and to feel refreshed again, is to take a bath or soak your feet in warm water. The star ingredient to help this process is salt – Epsom salt to be exact. The properties in epsom salt works like magic to relax the muscles.

Fill a bath tub/foot spa with a cup or two of epsom salt and soak your body/feet 

You’ll feel rested and relaxed in no time


cucumber-mint-rickeyIf alcohol, too much junk food or sweets have played havoc on your body throughout the holidays, prepare a bottle of this amazing concoction and you’ll start feeling the difference right away:

Combine sliced cucumbers, sliced lemon or lime and a handful of fresh mint with filtered water

Let this mixture cool in the fridge and sip away at it during the day. It not only hydrates but also helps detox the system. You can adjust the amount of the ingredients depending on how you prefer the taste. I love mine with a lot of mint as it’s very refreshing ;)

With a bit of added rest time, these small but very effective tips will help you feel like yourself (or even better) again.

I will do a separate post on how you can wake up tired dull skin using makeup products very soon ;)

Happy detoxing!!! xx


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