Cover FX Perfect Pencil

by Sarah

There are brands which have been around for years and their reputation and products surpass all expectations yet they don’t get the mainstream recognition they really deserve. Cover FX is was one of these understated brands and I’m so happy to finally see them in the spotlight so everyone can experience and enjoy their amazing products.

Cover FX specialize in base products consisting of amazing foundation formulas, primers, concealers, powders and their popular Custom Drops which I did a detailed review of here.

They just launched their new product worthy of its name: the Perfect Pencil and it’s genius!

Cover FX Perfect Pencil

Cover FX Perfect Pencil

The concept of the Perfect Pencil is so simple yet effective. It’s basically a concealer in the form of a twist up liner which allows for precision concealing and correction.

With an added bonus of a creamy, waterproof formula, the actual appeal of the Perfect Pencils is their versatility so lets take a look at the many ways you can utilise these pencils…

Cover FX Perfect Pencils

Cover FX Perfect Pencil

  1. Perfect the shape of the brows and clean up around them to achieve a sharp finish
  2. Create dimension and fullness on the lips by using light and dark shades to line and shape the lips – even a natural ombre look
  3. Correct pigmentation spots and scars by concentrating on the problem areas without too much product build up
  4. Highlight the cupids bow to give the lips a fuller appearance
  5. Line the waterline or the inner corner of the eyes with a lighter shade to brighten and open up the eyes
  6. Contour and clean around the lips to give them better definition
  7. Perfect eye makeup and wing liner to achieve the desired shape
  8. Spot treat blemishes and harder to get into areas such as around the nose

Currently there are 10 shades to choose from which include pink, neutral and golden undertones

Cover FX Perfect Pencils

Precision work usually takes concealers, correctors and fine bristle brushes to achieve so I love that Cover FX now gives us the option of getting practical results in our makeup routines with these pencils. They’re easy to use, convenient and super versatile.

Cover FX Perfect Pencils retail at $20 and now available to purchase HERE

What do you think of the Perfect Pencil concept? How would you use such pencils?



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Bianca March 1, 2016 - 4:29 am

Hi Sarah, I only heard about Cover FX when you did the custom drops review and I love that product btw. These sound just as interesting. Definite shopping list item. Thanks for sharing !

Sarah March 1, 2016 - 6:50 am

Thanks Bianca, Cover FX has a great variety of products and they’re all dermatologist approved too ;)


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