Blue Suede Boots

by Sarah

There’s something calming about the color baby blue and something warm and cosy about suede, so when I saw these two combined in an amazing pair of Isabel Marant boots, I was sold in an instant.

In search of either a skirt or leggings to pair them with, I then came across the striped Vivienne Westwood dress. The dress is very versatile. It can be worn with boots as I paired it up here, even with an addition of a faux fur vest for colder months; or it can be dressed down with a pair of flat sandals and a hobo bag for warmer months.

If you have any questions regarding the pieces in this set, please leave a message in the comments section below ;) xx

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 4.18.47 PM

DRESS: Vivienne Westwood – Anglomania Draped Dress

BOOTS: Isabel Marant – Nubuck Suede Boots

CLUTCH: Khirma Eliazov – Python/Stingray Clutch – Nayv/Gray

***All the fashion sets I publish are my own work from page layout to design, to styling. I create my sets to be of inspiration to carry into your own closets; whether you’re interested in the brands I feature or find alternatives to replicate the look.  

You can find an archive of my previous sets HERE

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