It’s So…Black & White

by Sarah

I’ve been meaning to use this stunning Diane Von Furstenberg dress in a set for some time now, but I just kept getting side tracked with 2-piece layouts and it’s been waiting for me patiently. Today is the day! :)

There’s so much beauty in this dress, I just stare at it in admiration. The use of the floral/lace panelling is genius. Placing it across the shoulders moving down the arms immediately gives the dress a feminine touch. And then there’s the hemline! I love the way they almost gave a ‘dripping effect’ to the lace in an asymmetrical fashion.

I thought of pairing this dress with simple pointy-toe pumps but then I found these strappy sandals. They complimented the dress really well…as if the lace continued down the legs into the straps…if that make sense?? :) A simple mini bag completed the look and of course, a red lip is sometimes the only accessory you need.

If you have any questions regarding the pieces in this set, please leave a message in the comments section below ;) xx



DRESS: Diane Von Furstenberg – Ernestia dress

SHOES: Giuseppe Zanotti – Platform sandals

BAG: Stella McCartney – Crossbody mini bag


***All the fashion sets I publish are my own work from page layout to design, to styling. I create my sets to be of inspiration to carry into your own closets; whether you’re interested in the brands I feature or find alternatives to replicate the look.

You can find an archive of my previous sets HERE


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