Beyonce – The Visual Album Makeup Hair and Fashion

by Sarah

OK guys, can we talk Beyonce for a minute…seeing as the whole world is doing so anyway :) Couple of days ago Beyonce released her latest self titled album, along with The Visual Album, complete with 17 new video clips – just like that! No warning, no marketing, no gimmicks…she just ‘drops’ her new album and sends all social media and iTunes into meltdown.

Whether you’re a fan or not, whilst artists usually take months prepping one song, one video, one release, for Beyonce to do it in such secrecy ’17 times over’ and do it along with a baby and a world tour to boot is to be commended. The day the album was released, she also released 30-second previews of the 17 new videos which come with the album. Not only is every video a work of art, Beyonce proves yet again how versatile she is with her looks.

Even though she’s rocking more than one look in some videos, due to copyright reasons, I took screenshots of the main looks from the preview clips released on her Youtube channel here

1. BLOWBlow

Shimmery blue/gray smokey eye with orange base red glossy lips; hair is long and smooth with soft waves. Lots of gold jewellery, colorful clothes – very reminiscent of the 90s.


Drunk In Love

Although the video is shot in black & white, this picture shows the makeup is very sultry. Messy dark smokey eye with just a soft sheen over the lips. Hair is tousled into beach waves. Chunky stacked bangles and a stunning sheer black dress complete the look.



Very rugged, very edgy yet powerful to fit the title of the song. The eyes are very strong with a heavy cat eye extended both on the inner and outer corners giving the eyes a fierce look. Lips are a muted nude brown shade. Hair is messy with streaks of dirty green and blue hues. The clothes are also very eclectic with Beyonce leading the pack in a mini skirt, crop top and thigh high boots.



Again, a black & white clip but the lips are very prominent with a dark shade. Lashes are curled with heavy mascara, almost a doll-like look. Hair is a bob with soft messy waves. The clothes have a street feel with flannel shirt buttoned up all the way and frayed denim shorts.


Pretty Hurts

Addressing the issue of “ideal beauty”, the song is suitably titled Pretty Hurts. This look is the most prominent although she has scenes where she has a polished straight bob and more neutral makeup. Here, it’s the full face makeup with smokey eyes, contouring around the frame of the face and hot pink lips. Hair is in a two-toned updo where it’s dark in the back and a contrasting bleach blonde ‘pin-up style roll’ on top. In typical pageant fashion, the look is completed with dazzling earrings, a full brief yellow swimsuit and long satin gloves.


No Angel

The subtlety of the eye makeup is matched with a matte magenta shade lipstick. The hair looks very natural with long soft waves but that’s as far as the natural goes in this scene. Wearing a white bodysuit and a white fur coat holding a dog on a leash, the colors are angelic but not so much the style…oh wait…and hence No Angel?? :))

7. MINE feat. DRAKE


Looks aside for a minute, this has to be my favorite video. The effects and the flow of the scenes are truly amazing and the song is beautiful too. Now, back to the look: vibrant shimmery aqua blue eyes blended in with a soft purple/mauve in the crease. Lips are left quite natural with a satin finish pink gloss. The bob with a straight chop and soft waves gives the look an edge. There’s a lot of flowy drapey fabrics used in costumes/clothing to blend in with the special effects.



Simply stunning! There’s quite a bit of contouring around the frame of the face but soft neutral hues of the eyeshadow, blush and the lips tie in so beautifully. This look really showcases just how amazing Beyonce’s features are; no wonder she can pull off so many different looks.



Rocking a sleeked back finger wave bob, blue/gray smokey eyes with heavy black liner and super glossy dark red burgundy lips, this look is gorgeous. Pinstripe pair of pants paired with a black suit jacket, crisp white shirt and a black tie, there’s an androgynous feel to the look…in a very glam fashion.



There are other looks featured in this video but they all seem to be fairly natural. This stands out with a flawless face and neutral glossy eyes. Though she has red lipstick on, it’s very matte and muted down. The clothes change from a blinged out party look to a subtle all- black which matches the look in this picture.


Grown Woman

Long straight dark brown hair and no-makeup look, this video reminds me of the early 90s music videos…like when they only just started to use special effects. The fashion also seems very 90s with big clip on earrings and bodysuits.

12. BLUE feat. BLUE IVY


Very raw, very natural – soft subtle look. It’s like a “I woke up looking like this look”…only Beyonce probably does :)) As the title of the song indicates, this song is about her daughter Blue Ivy and the video does feature her…for a short bit. Clothes are very casual, effortless and beachy…it’s a feel good look and a feel good video.



Again, very natural and subtle, the video switches between scenes as the story evolves, however this is the most prominent look. The eyelids have a mauve/brown shade with black mascara. The skin is flawless with matching mauve blush and lips are a nude/brown.

14. XO


The scenes chop and change very quickly in this video but this is the main look featured. The hair is a longer bob, messy tousled waves. The eyes have a dark shadow line more defined around the lash line and faded out. Lips are a berry pink shade. The clothes are very casual with a white tank top dressed up with lots of stacked necklaces and also bangles and bracelets.



When a video features not only Beyonce but models Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman, it’s a bit hard to get just one good screenshot :) For the sake of this post being about Beyonce’s looks however, this was the best one I could catch. The eyes are similar to the makeup in XO but lips have a brown satin finish. The clothes are very sexy with short tight dresses and high heels.



There’s only one look in this video: Booty :)) Seriously though, it’s probably the most risque of the 17 videos released but there’s a lot of lighting effects and it really is more about the body. This is one scene where she’s rocking glossy red lips and long wet-look hair. There are some costume-like outfits and did I mention a lot of body?


Beyonce the Seductress. Dressed in black lingerie with soft natural makeup and long wavy hair, it’s one of those videos where guys will watch holding their breath, women will think “oh her hair, her eyes, her body!” whilst Jay-Z will sit there laughing at everyone :))

All and all, I’m no music critic to make any comments on the quality of the album but looking at the 17 videos, the versatility, its appeal to many genres but most importantly the way it was released, Beyonce really threw a punch that will be hard to top.

Have you bought The Visual Album? What do you think?

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Jaria June 12, 2014 - 9:47 am

Wah so much info, I love it. Any close matches for her lipstick in XO?? Thanks :)

Sarah June 18, 2014 - 3:45 am

Hi Jaria, I’m sorry about the late reply. Glad you enjoyed this post. The closest match to the lipstick she’s wearing in XO (that I could find) is MAC Mineralize Rich lipstick in Lush Life. It’s a red berry color with a sheen finish. If you Google image the name, you’ll see swatches of this color which fit in with what Beyonce has on. Hope this helps! ;) xx

sada December 22, 2013 - 7:14 pm

Thank You xxx

sada December 22, 2013 - 1:38 pm


sada December 22, 2013 - 1:37 pm

Hi! Do You know what lipstick she wear on “Jealous” and “No Angel” I,m looking exactly the same lipstick. Please answer me on my e-mail

Sarah December 22, 2013 - 6:48 pm

Hi Sada, I sent you an email as requested but thought I’d leave the information here too, just in case other readers are interested. Exact colors used on Beyonce wasn’t published (to my knowledge). Closest match to the lipstick in No Angel video would be MAC Heroine. You can also try OCC Lip Tar in Hoochie, though it’s slightly more glossy finish.
For the Jealous video, MAC Diva would be a great match. It’s a matte finish and when applied lightly, you can achieve the softer look as in the picture; or build it up to a deep burgundy red like she has in some other scenes in the video ;)


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