by Sarah


My name is Sarah

First and foremost, I’m a lover of all things visual – and by that I mean anything to do with art, makeup, photography, fashion, design and so on.  I’m also a professional makeup artist and my passion for makeup was apparent from a very young age.  The saying “kid in a candy store” pretty much sums me up when it comes to makeup and makeup products.

I’m very blessed to be doing what brings me so much excitement and coupled with all other areas of interest I mentioned before, I tend to live and breathe creativity.  It’s this passion and excitement that guided me to start this website, in the hope that I can share all my knowledge, maybe be of assistance to those who share the same interests and also…learn from you.

I created Beauty Point Of View as almost like a little ‘hang-out’ where we can all get together and share our stories…be it about makeup, fashion, cooking, art, travel and pretty much wherever the road takes us :)

To have an outlet, to laugh, to learn, to share – and hence care; and look at things from a Beauty Point Of View…

Thank you for taking the time out to visit my site, please feel free to introduce yourself, leave comments on posts that are of interest to you and come join me on the social network sites that are listed on the side bar.

Have a wonderful day!

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