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Weekly Finds – Aug 4

Yayyy! for another new feature on my site which brings with it: Online Window Shopping :)

Although I post regular fashion sets, I come across way too many amazing pieces on the websites I regularly check.  Therefore I thought of doing a Weekly Finds segment, so that you can share in the fun with me.

Kicking off the very first Weekly Finds with classic black & white items. I won’t always be color coding, I just happened to come across a lot of black & white pieces and it kind of took off from there :)

Hover over the pictures for details and click to be taken to the online stores; Enjoy!!! xx


Please leave a message in the comments section if you have any questions


3 Responses to Weekly Finds – Aug 4

  1. Kate B. says:

    I just bought the Nars palete and I reall want those black and white pants too ;)

  2. Rachel says:

    Oh this is dangerous lol. I love it all especially the black dress <3

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