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by Sarah

When we get into the fall/winter season, naturally there are certain “expected” trends and color combos which continue to repeat year after year. We see a lot of warm and rich tones of burgundy, wine, mustard and rustic coppery tones; as well as white or light beige thick jumpers and coats for winter…and of course black.

As we say goodbye to the brighter colors, another thing that sadly disappears during fall/winter is print. We’re going to break all taboos in today’s post and work with both color and print for a fall/winter look. Not just that, but I’ll explain how I personally decode prints and colorful fabrics and pair them with other items.

I designed this set with the skirt as the star item to build on…

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.11.04 pm

When working with a piece with colorful prints (regardless of the season), the key is to choose “one feature color” already present in that print and pair it with an item in the same color. This can be in the form of another clothing item, accessories or accents.

It’s all about studying the piece and in a sense “decoding” it to see the different colors we can make a feature of…

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.41.22 pm

Without the colors being pointed out as per my diagram,  it would be easy to miss some of the key colors in this skirt at first glance. Although there are more colors in there, I highlighted the ones that stood out the most. Any of the colors that I marked can be used to compliment this skirt.

A black jacket with a deep red faux fur collar, gray suede booties, tan/brown colored bag, a long rustic orange tailored coat…these are some examples of individual items that can easily take this skirt from a stand-alone piece to perfect fashion harmony.

I opted for the green as the feature color in my set because it’s placed so far down the base of the skirt and using a jacket in this shade on top created a great balance . I left the rest of the pieces solid black so the colors and the print of the skirt could pop even more.

The gold metal accents of the shoes and the bag also compliment the light beige/yellow shades that we see thrown into the skirt. So we have ourselves a not so traditional color palette in terms of season, yet the small details of a turtleneck top and leather jacket represent the colder months perfectly.

You can use this method of decoding print and colorful fabrics for any key piece that you’re looking to build an outfit on – no matter the season. The idea is to throw in complimentary accents without being too “matchy-matchy” :) I hope this quick tip on decoding helps you experiment with colorful / print fabrics with more ease.

What are your thoughts on print and colorful pieces, especially for fall/winter? xx

***All the fashion sets I publish are my own work from page layout to design, to styling. I create my sets to be of inspiration to carry into your own closets; whether you’re interested in the brands I feature or find alternatives to replicate the look. Please leave any questions you may have regarding the featured items in the comment section below.

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Diana January 28, 2015 - 1:46 pm

This is such a helpful post. You really have a way with simplifying things and I love that about your blog. I never thought to decode prints like this but it makes so much sense. Love it!


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