Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

by Sarah

Cancel all your other eyeshadow palettes! cos Urban Decay Born To Run is possibly the only eyeshadow palette you’ll ever need.

In my humble opinion, every makeup kit (personal or professional) needs this gem of an eyeshadow palette…so lets dive right in…

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Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette

When I first saw the campaign shots and PR material of Urban Decay’s Born To Run palette, it definitely caught my attention but I supressed my curiosity and got on with life, purely because I’m all eyeshadow palette’d out.

Until…I saw it in store – enter emoji with heart-eyes here.Β Next thing I remember is handing my credit card over to the register and here we are.

I did my best to photograph this palette best as I could, but believe me when I say it’s on ‘another level stunning’ in person.


Urban Decay marketed this palette as an ‘all-you-need’ travel companion and I couldn’t agree more with the concept and how well the color selection compliments it.

The palette itself is very sturdy. Though it looks like the traditional cardboard palettes from a distance, it’s actually made of hard plastic.

It features a full size mirror with Born To Run logo printed on the bottom right corner. Unfortunately the mirror doesn’t stand upright on its own so you’ll need to lean it against something.

The cover of the palette is super fun. It’s actually a collage of photos that their staff have taken on their own travels…and I really love that! Not only does it tie in with the theme of this palette being travel friendly, but it also gives recognition to the people who make things happen behind the scenes.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette


Lets talk colors! Born To Run palette contains 21 eyeshadows with silky matte, glistening shimmer and punchy metallic finishes in both warm and cool tones.

Whilst this balance of textures and undertones is what I appreciate in any eyeshadow palette, it’s the color selection which really made me fall in love with Born To Run.

As a regular traveller myself, I’m forever compiling my own single shadows into magnetic palettes, guess-working what colors I may need when I’m away. And more often than not, I’ll yearn for that one shade I left behind. Not the end of the world, but both in terms of variety and packing, it’s always ideal to have “do-it-all” type of products at hand.

This is where Urban Decay hit a home run with this palette. They included such versatile variety of colors that the looks you can create are basically…endless.

Note: The color Baja came out bright orange in some of the photos, whereas it’s a deeper, more toned down burnt orange.

SHOP Urban Decay Born To Run HERE

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

Plenty of rich warm mattes for transition, shimmering coppers and browns, berry/purples, smoky gray, a muted blue, a twinkling sea foam blue, stunning khaki green and of course a super rich matte black (which is a must for every palette) completes this gorgeous selection of colors.

Whether you prefer a warm wash of sparkling copper over the eyes, or an intricate smoky eye with hints of greens and golds, there’s so many ways you can go with this palette.

I’m just happy that I can throw this in my carry on and consider my eyeshadow packing done. Every color and texture I need is within a single palette, protected in a hard-cover casing. Thank you Urban Decay!

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette


Another selling point of Born To Run is the quality of the eyeshadows. They feel silky, they’re super opaque and the pigmentation demands attention in one swipe. This is consistent with every single color.

As with most Urban Decay eyeshadows, these too blend seamlessly and they can also be used wet to dial up the intensity of each shade.

The palette is universally flattering – which is also great for professional makeup artists as they can create so many different looks.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Swatches

And last but not least are some campaign shots displaying the versatility of this palette. There were too many stunning looks to fit into one page so I created a slider to showcase them all.

The looks are created by the amazing @jordanliberty for @urbandecay and graphics by just as amazing @juliakuzmenko

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Lookbook by Jordan Liberty, Julia Kuzmenko

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette retails at $49 and you can shop the collection HERE

What do you think of Born To Run? Which shades are your favourites?

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Sarah Cummings August 6, 2018 - 12:32 am

Great review! Will definitely try these combinations. Thumbs up!


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