The Blend by Fred Segal

by Sarah

I’m usually hesitant doing fragrance reviews and posts as it’s such a personal experience. Yet ironically it’s the very reason I decided to do a fragrance related post today.

I just discovered The Blend by Fred Segal which is a range of pure essential oil fragrances that you can either wear on their own, or layer to make your custom blend fragrance to suit your personal preference. I’m all for practical and customisable products so I’m excited to tell you guys all about it…

The Blend by Feed Segal

The Blend Custom Fragrance Kit

There are 10 single blend fragrances within the range. The bottles have a rollerball applicator and contain 0.17oz of pure fragrance oil. Each bottle is marked with letters representing which fragrance family the scents belong to such as F for Floral, S for Spice, C for Citrus etc. This helps to combine your favorite scents together…

Lets say you like a sweet vanilla scent but wished you could add a touch of citrus in there to zest it up…well, with this concept, you can do that and so much more. Individual bottles retail at $25 each.

Click HERE to find out more about each fragrance and/or to purchase it


01 Water Lily – 02 Grassy Vetiver – 03 Amber Vanilla – 04 Forest Patchouli – 05 Tropic Bloom


06 Clean Musk – 07 White Tea – 08 Exotic Rose – 09 Ocean Air – 10 Citrus Zest

The Blend website itself has some recipe suggestions as to how you can mix your own blends and it also shows you exactly how to apply it for maximum effect. Check out the full range of recipes HERE

There’s a variety of recipes including men’s cologne and below are couple of recipe cards examples which specify how many swirls of each fragrance you need to create such blends – but of course it’s totally up to you how less or more of each scent you like:

The Blend by Fred SegalScreen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.05.40 am

If you’re wondering which of the 10 fragrances you should purchase or what sort of blend you should create, there are two clever fragrance kits which give you plenty of options:

For a starter kit, you can go with The Blend Mini Kit ($29) which contains 4 x 0.08oz bottles featuring the brand’s best selling fragrances: 03 Amber Vanilla, 05 Tropic Bloom, 06 Clean Musk and 10 Citrus Zest; as well as 4 recipes which two are exclusive to this set.

If you love your fragrances and want your mini fragrance mixing lab, you can go for The Blend Custom Fragrance Kit ($250) which features all 10 full size single fragrances, the display stand (as below), a travel case and a guide to creating your own blends.

Click on the pictures to get more information about each kit and/or purchase it

s1699230-main-hero-300The Blend by Fred Segal

I love products that allow flexibility and the option to customise depending on each individual’s preference. As I mentioned in the beginning, fragrance is such a personal thing and I love the concept of this brand and the fun of having recipes to follow or better yet, creating a totally unique fragrance.

What do you think of The Blend range? What’s your signature fragrance? 


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Sydney August 20, 2015 - 2:40 pm

I love the idea of customizing your own scent! Perfume is restocked frequently on my vanity. My signature is Ralph Lauren, but depending on the occasion, I like to mix it up.

Any particular scent combinations you recommend for the individual blends shown above?

Sarah August 20, 2015 - 3:16 pm

Hi Sydney, If you generally prefer clean/crisp fragrances such as Ralph Lauren, try mixing Ocean Air and Grassy Vetiver and add a hint of floral like Water Lily or Exotic Rose.
I personally love more spicy and almost masculine scents and there’s a recipe called After Dark which is a blend of Amber Vanilla, Forest Patchouli and White Tea which I’m going to do next. I just have to buy Forest Patchouli – or at this rate possibly the full kit lol

Emily August 20, 2015 - 6:52 am

How cool! I had no idea, thank you for sharing Sarah!

Sarah August 20, 2015 - 3:17 pm

Thank you Emily :)


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