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by Sarah

Hi beauties! Hope you all had a great weekend!

I’ve been contemplating doing this post for some time but often enough I get an email from a follower, asking why I don’t share some of the brands and products that are circulating on social media – that Instagram/Youtube “influencers” talk a lot about. Instead of replying back to individuals, I thought I would address it in a post and also get your views on the influence of social media on the beauty industry.

Before I delve into the details however, I’d like to leave couple of disclaimers:

  •  I built this site on the basis that I would only share products that I feel are well rounded and tick a lot of boxes. I take into account quality, performance, branding, customer service, packaging and many other details that I’ve learnt to look out for over the many years of working behind the scenes. Almost all of the products I feature are purchased by me personally and the rest only get a mention if I have used and approved of the products based on the criteria I mentioned earlier.
  • This post is not about discrediting popular brands/products/influencers nor to judge anyone’s personal choices/preferences, but to merely introduce a different perspective to what’s seen on the surface.



Now…we all know, the beauty industry is a multi billion dollar venture. Especially for us women, or those of us who love makeup, no amount of product is ever enough. We constantly want the next big thing, trying to get that perfect miracle product and the industry definitely knows our weak spots.

The difference between the before and now, is the influence of social media on the beauty industry. Not only are the brands launching a new product every day, the speed at these products get their 15 minutes of fame and are disposed of (to make room for tomorrow’s item) is almost becoming impossible to keep up with.

Whilst I’m not against variety, this crazy cycle of product churning gets me concerned about “the way” these products are being shoved into the limelight.


If you follow beauty accounts/influencers on social media, you would also notice that all of a sudden, the same brands and products get a mention – they’re everywhere and impossible to avoid. The reason for this is the brands will send out newly launched (or about to be launched) products to these influencers and they share them with their followers pretty much right away. There’s huge hype, endless OMGs!!, can’t miss this!…and you get the point.

Although I love the opportunities social media creates for these influencers, how it affects consumer decisions and buying patterns is the part that concerns me. Instead of trying and loving a product for the right reasons, consumers are trampling over each other to get their hands on products, because their favorite influencer said to have it. “Just buy it and you can ask the questions after you part with your cash” became the norm. Behind all the bells and whistles however, the product – with its quality (or lack thereof), price, company values etc doesn’t match the hype it gets on social media.

A simple example is: We’ll see an eyeshadow palette with a brand name slapped on it which everyone goes crazy for, it’s sold out within hours of release, everyone and their mother is talking about it – while the rest of us are sitting here knowing that very $40 palette is being manufactured in China and sold online for $10 minus the brand name.

Yes this is business, private labelling is not a new thing but my point is: There’s a great deal of imbalance and this cycle not only affects consumer perceptions about what a good product should be but also has a great impact on the beauty industry as a whole affecting quality, ethics and pricing in general. Most of the time, I do wish consumers would just take a step back, better educate themselves about what they’re putting their hard earned money into – and of course the product they’re putting on their skin.


On the surface, it may all seem like fun and games – and makeup is fun, however, I will personally only ever feature products because they perform well, the brand and company has a solid foundation and cares about the longevity of their presence (rather than what they can get out of their momentary fame) – and of course cares about their consumers rather than only filling their pockets. **This is not about high end products or how much a product should cost in order to be good either. I feature many drugstore and affordable brands which I love just as much as the high end alternatives.

So, this is my personal point of view on how the beauty industry looks from where I’m standing and why I don’t share some of the products which get so much attention on social media. That said, I will do a “most-talked about products” post soon but again, it will only feature brands and products that fit the criteria and that I can confidently recommend.

I hope this answers your questions and gives you some perspective on behind-the-scenes :)

What are your thoughts on this topic? Share them in the comments below

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Sam March 8, 2016 - 9:39 am

Thanks for staying true to what you believe in. It’s refreshing to see some different products/techniques being covered in your posts.

Sarah March 9, 2016 - 12:55 pm

Thank you Sam! :)

Melanie March 8, 2016 - 5:26 am

I buy some of the products cos of social media. Some are ok but most of the time I use once and onto the next product. I never looked at it from this angle and how it’s affecting the industry. definitely worth considering. Thank you.

Sarah March 9, 2016 - 12:55 pm

Thanks Melanie :)

Katie Gibbons March 7, 2016 - 4:05 pm

Hi Sarah As a fellow makeup artist can I just say thank you for this post. You touched on great points and I have the same concerns for the beauty industry. It scares me these brands are somewhat cheapening the value of products and customers are fast losing sense of what’s really good and what’s not. Most of these social media people don’t even have proper training or any knowledge of beauty products. It’s frustrating to watch as a professional. Thank you once again for a great post!

Sarah March 9, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Hi Katie, it’s definitely a concern on a larger scale. Thank you for your feedback, great to have you here :)

Tania March 7, 2016 - 3:21 pm

Great read! I follow a lot of the beauty people on IG and it’s so true they all post the same products same time and say the same things. I like knowing about new products but I’m more cautious of what I buy. Love your site and reviews!

Sarah March 9, 2016 - 12:59 pm

Thank you Tania :)


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