Sephora Formula X Press Pods

by Sarah

When it comes to nail polish, if you’re after a variety of colors coupled with convenience, I think you will love these new release “one-time-use” nail polish pods from Sephora‘s Formula X line.

The pods are made of soft squeezable plastic with nail polish brush at the end (and small enough to throw into your purse). Each pod contains enough product to apply 2 coats. Here’s how easy it is to use:


For their initial release, the pods come in a pack of 24 colors and the pack is $39. I’m not sure if the pods will ever be available for individual sale or maybe Sephora will release smaller seasonal sets depending on the success of these pods.

Sephora Formula X Press Pods set includes the following 24 colors – Get it HERE


If you love nail polish and a fan of Formula X, I guess this set is a great way of trying out different colors, not to mention the convenience of the pods especially when travelling.

What do you guys think of these nail polish pods? Hot or Not? xx


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Lisa am April 18, 2014 - 3:11 pm

I like this idea. I think I would like smaller sets too but this is great for the price


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