Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Palette

by Sarah

Following on from my previous post featuring my favorite blush products, I thought I would continue with a review of Patrick Ta‘s limited edition Major Headlines Blush Palette.

Now that I tried and tested this palette…well…grab your coffee/tea/wine; cos we have some problems…

Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Palette

I’ve been following Patrick Ta product launches for a while now, but this is the second time that I purchased a product from the brand – first round being eyeliners (see end of the post for that story).

I’ve also been drawn to their cream/powder blush duos but I could never decide on the colors, so when this limited edition palette launched over the holidays, I felt like I hit the “color variety jackpot”.

I eagerly waited for my delivery, had that “OMG, heart-eyes” moment the second I opened the palette…but that’s as far as my excitement went…

Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Palette


Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Palette consists of 3 cream and 3 corresponding shade powder blushes.

This varying variety of textures within the same palette can be layered, mixed and customized depending on how sheer, intense or opaque you prefer your blush look.

The packaging is classic Patrick Ta with a rose gold mirrored compact which looks beautiful and sleek. The cream products have a transparent cover which protect the formula from getting any powder blush on them, which is a great detail.


She’s A Doll, a fun Barbie pink, has that element of blue undertone which makes it stand out.
She’s Vibrant, looks more coral in the pan than in application, which I’ll go into detail shortly.
She’s Baked, the darkest shade, has deep, warm terracotta undertones.

On the surface, all looked great; until I started to swatch them…

Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Palette

CREAMS: Right off the bat, I could tell that the cream version of She’s A Doll and She’s Baked were a different formula to She’s Vibrant (center shade). She’s Vibrant has more of a creamy, opaque finish; whereas the other 2 are more sheer and balmy – almost sticky to the touch.

She’s A Doll, the barbie pink cream, took quite a few swirls in the pan before the pigment and the balm portion melded together to distribute enough color even on my finger, let alone as a swatch.

She’s Baked, the darkest cream formula, applies with a more red undertone compared to the deeper bronze/brown shade of the powder version.

This was also the most problematic shade out of the palette. In the few minutes that I was trying to photograph the swatches, it had already started collecting and purging in some spots. Red flags.

Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Palette – cream formulas on the left; powder formulas on the right 

POWDERS: The formula was also disappointing with the powders. While they felt smooth to the touch, they applied very patchy and chalky. Again, red-flags for me.

The color I was most excited about She’s Vibrant (center shade) looks like a deep coral in the pan but applies more like a magenta pink. It definitely lacks that coral/red undertone that I was expecting – so to set the shade apart from the same color family of She’s A Doll which is essentially a pink shade also.


Being mindful of everything I noticed during my initial swatches, I knew I would probably have to try different methods of application to see what worked well with each color and formula.

Since then, I applied the cream formulas on bare skin. I tried them over my regular foundations. I used fingers, fluffy blush brush and beauty sponge to compare application.

Unfortunately the finish just was not even, no matter what application method I used.

She’s Vibrant was slightly more forgiving – maybe due to its formula difference; but the sheer/sticky formulas of She’s A Doll & She’s Baked applied patchy and collected in spots, also moving any products underneath even though I was quite light-handed in application.

Next I put the powder blushes to the test and again, unfortunately, they too were a disappointment. The formula just does not apply evenly. It catches on certain spots, regardless of whether I used powder underneath or not.

I don’t know if the formulas in this palette are different to the brand’s single blush compacts; or maybe I got a bad batch but I just could not make this palette work – which is very rare for me.

Given my previous post of favorite blushes featuring products from different brands, formulas and price range, I would confidently say some of my drugstore alternatives perform MUCH MUCH better than this palette.


Having been in this industry long enough, I know that sometimes manufacturing and formula discrepancies happen. One bad product doesn’t necessarily mean the brand is bad overall.

HOWEVER…this is now the second Patrick Ta product I purchased, and the second one I had an issue with. It’s now 2 out of 2 failed…which is why I felt the need to share my thoughts.

I purchased two of their long-wear eyeliners previously. The tip broke off with one of them on first application. And neither of the pencils apply in the waterline; like there’s just no pigment whatsoever which is quite bizarre. The formula drags and skips when applying on the upper lash line too, so it’s safe to say…I haven’t touched them since.

I’ve also been observing the brand’s stock levels and replenishment across different stockists for a while; and there’s definitely lengthy manufacturing & distribution delays.

Usually, I’m very fond of professional makeup artists launching their own brands because they understand color, texture, formula and performance like no other. But given my overall experience with this brand so far, unfortunately, I’m not very impressed.

On a brighter note; I contacted the distributing store regarding all my findings and sent them pictures explaining the issues. They could also see the problems I brought to their attention and were kind enough to give me a store credit – which I already put towards another palette. It’s now on its way and I will share my thoughts on it as soon as I receive it too. I have a much better feeling about that one.

Let me know if you have any Patrick Ta products; and what your experience has been so far? xo

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Camille May 29, 2022 - 5:35 am

I believe, you are supposed to apply to powder first then the cream is meant to be on top

Sarah May 31, 2022 - 3:46 pm

I tried that also; which was even worse. Unless all their blush formulas are just as bad, my only explanation is that I got a bad batch 😕

Jenna January 19, 2022 - 6:05 am

This is why your site is my favorite. Your recommendations always been on point. I appreciate the transparency

Mia January 19, 2022 - 3:39 am

Very pretty indeed but if it doesn’t even swatch well, it does make you wonder how it would be once applied. Thanks for the candid review.


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