Ouai Simplifies The Hair Game

by Sarah

I literally had one of those “ask and you shall receive” moments this week.

As any first world problem would go, I was complaining about how tired I was in having to fit into the cliche categories of shampoo/conditioner lines, instead of a simple do-it-all product.

Hours later, Ouai announced the launch of their new shampoo/conditioners simply divided into Fine, Medium and Thick hair. Finally!

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Ouai Shampoo + Conditioners for Fine, Medium & Thick Hair

I probably tried 5 different brands of haircare over the past 12 months alone and whilst they haven’t been bad, they also haven’t provided the results I was hoping for. You know…a formula that gives me that luscious, shiny, healthy look without messing something else up along the way.

What usually frustrates me about shampoo/conditioners is that there’s a set number of categories each line is divided into, and you either fit into one of those categories or not. We get: Smoothing/Moisturizing, Volumizing, Curly or Daily Cleanse. And this is where things get tricky.

For example, I have thin hair which needs a lot of volume. I also have natural waves which can get quite unruly, so the generally drying formulas of volumizing shampoos make my hair even more frizzy. I get the volume but with a coarse, dry and frizzy feel to my hair which then takes so much heat and styling to settle.

I can’t go for a moisturizing/smoothing or curly formula either cos these typically contain nourishing ingredients which weigh my already thin/limp hair even more. Daily Cleanse formulas are not heavy-duty enough for 3-4 day hair and washing my hair daily…ain’t nobody got time for that!

As I would research and ask the obvious question of “why can’t we have a simple range that does it all?”, Ouai announced their new launch.

SHOP New Ouai Shampoo/Conditioners HERE 

Ouai Shampoo + Conditioners 

The concept behind this new line is that instead of trying to find a solution to how the hair behaves, they work with the basic characteristic of hair. And this is simply divided into 3 categories: Fine hair, medium hair and thick hair.

I did a layout of what each shampoo/conditioner does – which highlights the balance Ouai is now offering with this simplified system:

Ouai Shampoo + Conditioners for Fine, Medium & Thick Hair

Furthermore, with this new launch, Ouai is also taking their already clean/curelty free stance one step further.

Not only are the bottles of these shampoo/conditioners made from recycled materials, but they’re also available in refill pouches so you can have your best hair day and be mindful of the environment too.

Ouai’s new shampoo/conditioner line retails at $28 for the 10fl oz/300ml bottles; and $56 for the 32 fl oz/946ml for the refill pouch.

You can shop the new range HERE

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Cja March 13, 2020 - 7:09 pm

Hi, currently I’m using ABH’s luminous foundation in shade 365. I would like to try the ABH’s stick foundation in the same shade. Which shade will be the exact match? Thank you!


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