Neon Brights Nail Polish

by Sarah

With many cosmetics brands releasing amazingly bright makeup palettes featuring neon colors – see my post on neon eyeshadow palettes HERE, nail polish lines have also caught on with this trend. And there are some gorgeous shades to adorn your nails in the happiest chirpiest way possible.

Few weeks ago, I fell in love with a yellow/lime (in technical terms chartreuse) color nail polish from Sephora’s Formula X spring line. And no matter how many local Sephora stores I went to, they were always sold out…I guess I wasn’t the only one wanting to get my hands on it. As I kept searching all sorts of other brands for a similar color, I actually found it at Victoria’s Secret in all places. They had their 2 for $15 deal – which meant I actually scored 2 amazing nail polish colors to fit in perfectly with the bright neon trend ;)


Victoria’s Secret Nail Polish: Brighten Up (chartreuse) and Wild Side (magenta)

The color I initially wanted is a softer neon yellow/green and it’s called Brighten Up. It’s subtle in a ‘neon kinda way’ which is what drew me to it in the first place. The formula is a little sheer so it definitely needs 2 coats (as per my nails in the picture) but it dries very quickly which is a bonus.

The pink shade is called Wild Side and it actually fits in perfectly with the Radiant Orchid trend carrying tones of pinks and magentas within. This one was much more opaque and although it covered in 1 coat, it dried a little matte. I did apply 2 coats but considering I didn’t use a top coat, it dried up more glossy with the second coat application.

If you like the chartreuse color and still interested in the Sephora Formula X version (Over The Top), they re-stocked and it’s now available to purchase online HERE. However, the Victoria’s Secret version is exactly the same and you get 2 polishes for $15, whereas the Formula X version is $10.50 each.

I also have my eye on Essie’s neon brights collection which is now available either in a set of 4 for $8.50, or $4.25 individually. You can pick these up at drugstores, or get it via the link below (*they deliver worldwide). How gorgeous is the second aquamarine color!!

Get the Essie Neon Collection 2014 HEREWorldwide Shipping Available


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What do you think of the neon trend? Any favorite colors? xx


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