Necessaire The Body Ritual Kit

by Sarah

I love discovering new brands; especially ones that impress me not only with the quality and performance of their products but also their company ethics.

Along with their packaging being oh so photogenic!, Necessaire body care line stole my heart in so many ways than one…

Necessaire The Body Ritual Kit – Bergamot

Necessaire is a personal care brand manufactured in the US, with clean ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Their motto is to create effective products that are gentle on the skin…any type of skin. They pride themselves not only with the the ingredients they put in their products, but also with those they leave out. Simple, clean, wholesome are the words that come to mind.

To get a better idea of where the brand stands in terms of ethical/sustainable practices, check out their footprint page HERE

I discovered Necessaire as I was looking for a new body moisturizer. My skin can get quite sensitive with eczema and I have to be very careful with the body products I use. I haven’t been able to pinpoint exact ingredients that can trigger a flare up, but I also know too many ingredients in a product will most likely irritate my skin.

As I browsed through the Necessaire website, I had a feeling I was onto something good.

They have a very simple line up of products ranging from deodorant, hand cream, body oil, body wash, exfoliator, lotion and body serum. These can either be purchased separately or in pairs/kits.

I was so intrigued by all their products so I ordered The Body Ritual Kit which contains all four of their key products:
The Body Wash, The Body Exfoliator, The Body Lotion and The Body Serum

Necessaire The Body Ritual Kit – Bergamot

There are 3 scents to choose from: Bergamot, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus; however only the Body Wash and The Body Exfoliants are scented; The Body Lotions and The Body Serums are all fragrance free

I got the Bergamot scent and it smells like a luxurious spa in a bottle.

The Body Wash and The Body Exfoliator leave such a beautiful lingering scent on the skin, that I didn’t even care the lotion and the serum are fragrance-free.

Lets talk about the claims and the performance of each product…

Necessaire The Body Ritual Kit – Bergamot

The Body Wash is a multi-vitamin gel cleanser. It has a beautiful rich lather and doesn’t feel harsh or stripping. The scent is so beautiful and definitely stays on the skin.

The Body Exfoliator contains volcanic pumice and that smoky/earthy scent really comes through during application. The formula does not leave an oily film on the skin – as some scrubs can; but it still makes the skin really silky and soft. I really enjoy this product.

The Body Lotion has all the multi-vitamin goodness as the body wash. It’s a perfect balance of hydration and moisture yet dries down quickly without leaving any oily or sticky residue. I don’t even mind that it’s fragrance-free. It feels clean.

The Body Serum wasn’t something I would choose as an individual purchase but now that I tried it, I definitely see the benefits of making it a part of my routine. The serum has all the moisture boosting active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and Ceramide.
Adding a few drops of this serum into the lotion really boosts the hydration levels. I’ve also been adding a drop to my problem areas such as the eczema and it’s been really soothing.

Necessaire Body Wash; Body Exfoliator; Body Lotion; Body Serum

All and all, every single product in this kit performed beautifully and there’s also an element of feeling good because I know the ingredients are clean and I’m supporting a brand which goes that extra mile when it comes to sustainability and ethics.

The Body Ritual Kit retails at $80 containing all full size bottles. Individual products range between $20-$45

You can check out Necessaire the brand and explore their products on their website HERE

Have you tried Necessaire before? Share your favorite body products in the comments below xo

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