Moira Signature Ombre Blushes

by Sarah

It’s been a while that I featured drugstore products; simply because I haven’t seen anything that truly caught my attention…

Until…I saw the Moira Signature Ombre Blushes

With a stunning embossed pattern, vibrant hues of gorgeous colors merging into one another, cruelty free and vegan, I just knew I was drawn to these beauties for a reason…

Moira Signature Ombre Blushes 

Admittedly, I hadn’t heard much about Moira as a brand but I think these blushes put them on the map. As a brand style, I would say they sit somewhere along the lines of NYX, Milani and BH Cosmetics.

They have a lot of fun and colorful eyeshadow palettes, a good range of face palettes and along with a versatile line of these Signature Ombre Blushes, they just launched a stunning range of highlighters too. Check out their full product range on their site HERE

Now, back to these Signature Ombre Blushes…

They have 8 shades within this line, colors ranging from soft pinks and bronze to vibrant combinations as well as deep berry hues.

I got Ruby Flush and Orange Blossom and I couldn’t be happier with my selection…

Moira Signature Ombre Blush – L: Ruby Rose / R: Orange Blossom

Technically, each pan consists of two colors that gradient into each other. Some are merging from dark to light of the same shade (like Ruby Rose on the left); and others are contrasting colors that merge into one another (like Orange Blossom on the right).

This gradient style not only gives each pan 3 separate colors to work with – 2 colors + their combination, but it also allows full control of intensity and customization when it comes to application.

As an example, with the color Orange Blossom: On some days, I use the darker coral shade as my main blush but add a hint of the yellow/orange on top to give it extra warmth. Whereas on other days, I diffuse a good amount of the yellow/orange over my cheeks and then add a small pop of the coral in the centre which gives my cheeks a more summery, almost like a sunrise blend of colors.

Besides the versatility and the stunningly intricate embossed pattern of these blushes, what impressed me the most is quality and color payoff. These blushes are insanely pigmented!

They also blend and diffuse beautifully – no patches, no collecting and they last longer than some of my high end blushes too.

The below swatches are ONE SWIPE, demonstrating the two colors in each pan, plus a blend of both…

Moira Signature Ombre Blushes

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said these are insanely pigmented. I recommend using a very loose, extra soft bristle brush to apply these as it makes it easier to build the colors to preferred intensity.

At $9 each, these blushes are well worth the investment. Now that I know how incredible they are, I will most definitely go back for the more neutral/subtle shades.

There are plenty of color options within the Signature Ombre Blush range; as well as their new Sun Glow Highlighters.

They can all be purchased at Moira Beauty and they do offer international shipping too.

What do you think of these blushes? What’s your go-to blush shade?

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Minnie July 15, 2021 - 4:08 am

ummmm why have I not seen these before? I just ordered 4 of them cos those colors! 😍

Mia July 14, 2021 - 8:18 am

So incredibly pretty and the colour pay off seems to be great!


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