Marc Jacobs Dew Everything Set

by Sarah

It’s a good day in the beauty world when one of your favorite brands and your favorite products by them join forces in a special edition pack.

I’m talking about Marc Jacobs limited edition Dew Everything Gel Highlighter and Primer Set

As the name suggests, Marc Jacobs has taken their ‘dew-inducing’ gel highlighters and coupled them with their best selling coconut primer to give us everything we could ever need for a shimmering, glowing complexion…

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Marc Jacobs Dew Everything Set

Marc Jacobs limited edition Dew Everything Set includes three mini size gel highlighters in different shades and a mini coconut primer.

Marc Jacobs is renowned for their coconut collection which typically gets new products added to it during summer launches. I was fortunate to catch some of these products in previous limited edition packs, and some I purchased within seasonal launches.

I have 3 out of 4 products from this pack in full size and absolutely love them…hence I felt the need to jump on here and tell you all about it so you can try them too.

I have detailed reviews in previous posts which you can check out via these links: Fantasy Coconut Collection; Enamored With Coconut

 Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer, Dew You Gel Highlighter, Fantasy Gel Highlighter 

The coconut primer is a tropical dream in a bottle. Being a light weight lotion, it not only hydrates the skin but allows all other products – including the gel highlighters, to apply beautifully over the top.

The highlighters are a gel formula which again makes them feel super light on the skin. The shimmer particles are really fine so you get that beautiful dewy/wet glow dispersed over the skin than chunky sparkles which can enhance texture.

They can be used on their own as highlighter; mixed into foundations and as toppers for blushes, lipsticks and even eyeshadows.
They also contain coconut so just the scent alone is enough to make you want to bathe in them…which you can also use on the body btw.

There are three shades: Dew You – which is the original color – a soft champagne with gold shimmers; Fantasy – which is a rose gold that looks gorgeous as a blush topper to add a hint of color; and Tantalize – which is a golden bronze that looks stunning on deep skin tones or over tanned skin in summer months.

SHOP Marc Jacobs Dew Everything Set HERE

Marc Jacobs Dew Everything Set – Coconut Primer; Dew You Gel Highlighter; Fantasy Gel Highlighter; Tantalize Gel Highlighter

Comparison of the two gel highlighters I have – Dew You on the left, Fantasy on the right

If you’ve never tried Marc Jacobs essentials, or you’re already a fan of these products and would love to try them in other colors, this limited edition set would be a great addition to your collection.

Marc Jacobs Dew Everything Set retails at $36. Each bottle contains 0.17ox/5ml of product and given how little goes such a long way, you’ll be glowing all year round.

You can also check out all other products featured in Marc Jacobs Coconut line here

What do you think of the new Dew Everything Set? What’s your favorite liquid highlighter?

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