MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

by Sarah

Just having completed the Concealer and Corrector parts of the Product Series, I thought I’d talk a little about a convenient palette which caters for both the concealing and the color correcting. Introducing: MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette…

With this palette, MAC basically takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what concealer or corrector shades would suit your skin tone. Each palette contains 2x NC range of concealers, 2x NW range of concealers and 2x corrector shades. The colors are compiled to counteract dark circles under the eyes or pigmentation, as well as highlight and conceal. There are also in-between shades so you can custom blend your own mix, depending on the areas you want to work on.

And who doesn’t love a product which can do it all! :)

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

I have the Medium palette for my NC35 skin tone. As discussed in my Concealer post, I would typically use NC35 concealer (same color as my skin tone) to cover blemishes and I use NW25 (which has a salmon tinge) for any under eye circles or dark pigmentation. I can even adjust the shades to lighter or darker depending on seasonal changes with tanning etc. So this palette features all the colors I need and more.

The palettes also come in Light, Medium Deep and Dark which have the same concept to cater for all skin tones. I’ve listed all the individual concealer/corrector shades featured in each palette at the end of the post, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

The formulation is very similar to MAC’s Studio Finish concealer pots. It’s creamy but not too cakey and the coverage is medium to heavy, depending on how much you build it up.

Of course, what I love the most about this palette is flexibility. Whether you use it for your personal application, or have it in your pro kit, you can blend and customise your own mix of colors to create endless possibilities. It’s also super convenient to travel with.

A tip to keep in mind is: you can dilute the formula with your favorite face primer or moisturiser and create a lighter concealer texture or use it as a tinted moisturiser/sheer coverage foundation ;)

Here’s the full range of colors within this line, and the colors featured in each:

Light        Medium

LIGHT: NC15, NC20, Pale Yellow, NW10, NW20, Pale Pink / MEDIUM: NC30, NC35, Mid Yellow, NW25, NW35, Mid Peach


MediumDeep            Dark

MEDIUM DEEP: NC40, NC42, Rich Yellow, NW40, NW43, Brunt Coral / DARK: NC45, NC50, Ocre, NW45, NW55, Pure Orange


MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palettes are now permanent within the MAC range and they retail at $49. Considering the individual concealer pots are $19 each, this palette makes for a “good value for money/convenient” option to have.

You can purchase the palettes at MAC stores or online HERE


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