Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows

by Sarah

It all started with one…as it always does, and then out of nowhere (and out of my control), they multiplied! :)

These Loreal Infallible eyeshadows make me feel like a kid in a candy store.  From the cute little pots they come in, to the texture and amazing variety of colors, these are an absolute must if you love high impact eyeshadows.


Before I get to the swatches, lets talk about what makes these eyeshadows so unique and different from the regular eyeshadows:

TECHNICALLY:  They’re not your traditional pan eyeshadows, they’re actually pressed pigments.  Pigments are very finely milled, loose powders with amazing color pay-off.

PACKAGING: These chic little pots are great, as you have the label on top of the lid and once you turn it over, you can see the product itself in all its glory.  There’s also a round flat internal lid which fits over the eyeshadow and helps keep it flat and pressed.  This also keeps the moisture in, so that the product doesn’t dry up and crumble.

TEXTURE: This is where the biggest difference comes into play compared to the traditional eyeshadows.  Although the eyeshadow is a loose pressed pigment, it almost feels damp to the touch.  Once you swipe it against your skin, it feels like silk.  I find the best way to initially apply these shadows is with fingers, at least until you get the color on the eyelids as intense as you need it. Otherwise there’s too much fallout and the color can apply patchy depending on the shade.  Once they’re on the eyelids, they then blend beautifully with brushes.

COLOR:  The color payoff is amazing! Most of the colors are shimmery so when combined with the texture I just mentioned, they give a beautiful glistening multi dimensional effect.  Staying power is also great, I really had to scrub some of the darker colors off the back of my hand – even though I only had them on for a few minutes for swatching purposes.  The ones I feature on this post are what I have…so far ;) There are also beautiful champagne, aqua, khaki and greens, different shades of blues, as well as silver and golds within the range.

AVAILABILITY:  I’ve been noticing that Loreal brings out limited edition colors within the Infallible shadow line from time to time.  Permanent colors are available at drugstores, however these also vary depending on the country you’re in.  It’s always ideal to check the internet for colors you may be interested in, that your local stores may not stock, or they may be a limited edition release.


Magnetic Coral: This is such a pretty shade.  It has specks of lilac shimmer through it and gives a beautiful dimension to the finish when blended.

Golden Mahogany: This is the only shadow from the range that I can’t press down flat like the others.  Not sure if it was a bad batch or I did something but it’s quite messy if I’m not careful.  The color is very rich and applies quite opaque,  however I don’t know why it’s named Golden Mahogany as there’s nothing golden about it.


Endless Chocolat:  A true rich brown with almost a golden/khaki undertone.  This makes a stunning smokey eye!

Burning Black: Again, the name…if I hadn’t seen the color, going by the name Burning Black, I’d think it was a black shadow with golden or orange/red accents through it, but nope, it’s a deep plummy shade.  I’m not going to complain about the name too much though, cos this color is truly gorgeous.

Purple Obsession

Purple Obsession: Great lavender/lilac shade with just enough shimmer to create a soft look. It applies lighter than it looks in the pot.

All Night Blue: All time obsessed! This is by far my absolute favorite out of the whole collection I have.  I tried to capture how amazing this color is but I still don’t think the camera did it justice.  The way it picks up the light and turns almost an electric blue, but then it looks like a deep navy blue from other angles, it’s truly stunning.


Eternal Black: This shade is very multi-dimensional; the base color looks black in the pot but it has such prominent blue/silver sparkles through it, that by the time you apply it, it turns into a silvery charcoal color.  Very pretty, but also the hardest shade to work with.  This is definitely best applied with fingers to build the color; there’s quite a bit of fall out.

That wraps up my collection of the Loreal Infallible eyeshadows, though I have my heart set on few more shades, which I’m sure they’ll find their way to me somehow :) You can check out the other shades available within this line at: www.lorealparis.com


Which is your favorite shade so far?  do you have any other Loreal Infallible shadows you can recommend? xx




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