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by Sarah

The Story Of Makeup

From the very first time I started delving into makeup, there have been a handful of amazing makeup artists that I looked up to who not only inspired me with their talent but also immense knowledge.

Lisa Eldridge is one of these artists that I have so much admiration and respect for. When I heard she was writing a book on history of makeup, I knew it was going to be very special. Now that I finally got my copy and read it, I can confidently say this is a must for anyone who’s interested in makeup, pro and aspiring makeup artists alike…

I included a video by Lisa Eldridge at the end of the post where she gives a fun insight into what the book entails

Lisa Eldridge Facepaint Book

Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a celebrity makeup artist who not only worked with so many actresses and models but also is renowned for her editorial work in famous fashion magazines. Over the past couple of years, Lisa has also started her own YouTube channel, sharing her knowledge and talent with millions. Her specialty however, is history of makeup including vintage brands and products and this is exactly what Lisa has covered in her book simply titled Facepaint

The book is divided into 2 main sections . First section is called The Ancient Palette. Along with amazing artwork and photography, this section covers how makeup was perceived in different eras and how color (prominently red, white and black) were used by different cultures. It also features makeup muses from all over the world and their lasting influence throughout the years.

Lisa Eldridge Facepaint Book

Lisa Eldridge Facepaint Book – The Story Of Makeup

The second section is called The Business Of Beauty. It talks about how and when makeup products started to integrate into mainstream media through film and magazines. With pictures of Lisa’s own vintage makeup collection, this section also features the pioneer brands such as Max Factor, Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden who helped shape the industry. Of course with trends and technology constantly evolving, there’s a great array of chapters which highlight the transition of makeup products from simple “folk remedies to global brands” as we know them today.

Lisa Eldridge Facepaint Book

Lisa Eldridge Facepaint Book – The Story Of Makeup

If you’re interested in makeup and beauty, if you’re a makeup artist pro or aspiring, Facepaint is an absolute must for your collection. Instead of the traditional ‘how-to’ makeup books, I’m so pleased we now have such a unique insight into the story/history of makeup thanks to Lisa’s undeniable knowledge and passion.

Here’s a fun video Lisa shared on her channel recently featuring Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History

Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History by Lisa Eldridge

Facepaint is now available at all major bookstores and online. You can also purchase it via this store HERE which offers free worldwide shipping – *they do sell out pretty quickly so check back with the site or leave your email address to be notified when they restock.

Who’s your favorite makeup artist and/or your favorite era for makeup?

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