Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palettes

by Sarah

With that hectic time of year approaching, we’re being inundated with new releases and holiday collections.

As overwhelming as it all is, some items stand out a little more above the rest.

The new holiday eyeshadow palettes from Lisa Eldridge are definitely in this category; so lets dive right in…

Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palettes – Vega & Cinnabar

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge started her own beauty line only a handful of years ago. Starting off with her iconic velvet matte lipsticks, what sets Lisa apart is her knowledge and passion for the history of makeup.

Every item she signs her name to has a beautiful intricate story behind it, which ties into fascinating historical facts. And knowing that alone makes her products an experience in itself.

The latest eyeshadow palette releases are a first in Lisa’s product line. Stunningly luxurious compacts featuring carefully curated color stories offer a little something for everyone.

Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palettes

There are 5 compacts to choose from, ranging from neutrals to more fun pops of color.  And there are 6 different formulations/finishes which are sprinkled into these compacts:
Velvet Matte; Seamless Matte; Metallic; Luster, Luminous and Top Coat

*Important to note: not all palettes contain all finishes; they vary depending on which compact(s) you go for.

The compact itself is lightweight and definitely looks and feels glamorous to say the least. There are pin holes on the bottom of the compacts where each eyeshadow pan can be removed and replaced with colors of your choice.

Refills of all shadows are available for individual purchase to make the palettes even more versatile.

Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palettes 

I opted for two palettes that I know I’d reach for the most: Cinnabar with warm neutrals and Vega with cool neutrals

Lets start with Cinnabar…

The color story of this particular palette is typically what I veer towards in eyeshadows. It features warm earthy undertones yet offers just enough sparkle and shine to add a little something extra.

Cinnabar Palette contains 4 of the 6 different formulations:
2 x Seamless Mattes (Raw Sienna + Fired Earth); 1 x Velvet Matte (Deep Ochre); 2 x Metallic (Bronzite + Lost Summer);  and 1 x Top Coat (Ritual)

Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palette in Cinnabar

The Seamless and Velvet mattes are both super soft and silky and they build and blend very easily.  In fact, I don’t see too much difference in terms of their application and finish, except the Velvet mattes feel softer to the touch if applying with fingers.

The metallic shades have a very smooth finish. They look more like a cream shadow finish than a sparkly or chunky shimmer.

The top coat is super subtle. Think hints of barely there sparkle just to add a little movement to your looks. It’s designed to be worn over the mattes as it’s way too subtle to show up over the metallics.

Lisa Eldridge Cinnabar Palette – Top row: Raw Sienna, Bronzite, Fired Earth; Bottom Row: Lost Summer, Deep Ochre, Ritual

This palette is perfect for those who love a simple, effortless and chic look that adds a touch of warmth. There’s plenty of options to dial the looks up or down; and makes it a good everyday palette.

Now onto Vega…

Admittedly, I’m not one for cool toned shadows, however I could see the potential of gray/brown shades in Vega pairing up perfectly with the warm undertones of the Cinnabar palette.

The Vega Palette contains 4 of the 6 different formulations:
3 x Seamless Mattes (Smoke & Mirrors + Turbulence + Lamp Black); 1 x Velvet Matte (French Grey); 1 x Metallic (Moonswirl) and 1 x Luminous (Supernova)

Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palette in Vega

As with the Cinnabar palette, the mattes in Vega are also silky smooth. Considering they’re deeper shades and can be tricky to work with, they blend seamlessly – just as well that this palette has 3 seamless matte formulas

Supernova (bottom center shade), is the luminous formula. In terms of intensity, I would place it between the top coat and the metallic finish. So it definitely shows up more than the top coat but still subtle enough.

Lisa Eldridge Vega Palette – Top Row: French Grey, Smoke & Mirrors, Moonswirl; Bottom Row: Turbulence, Supernova, Lamp Black

This palette is perfect for those who prefer cooler tones, or more prominent smoky looks.


Let me start by saying: if your idea of an eyeshadow palette is the social media promoted “one swipe and you’re done” type of formulas, Lisa Eldridge palettes may not be for you.

I know that the gauge around what constitutes a good eyeshadow palette these days is based around how opaque a formula swatches.
However, before such trends and formulas became the norm, there was the pro-artist formulas such as MAC and NARS which offered subtle build up and hence more control.

This is not a bad thing, especially for those who may not be as experienced in makeup application, or prefer a formula that’s more forgiving of mistakes.

Knowing Lisa’s work, I can totally understand why she opted for more subtle formulas. Her style is very classic chic, modern with just enough movement and it’s expected that she carried this into her own products.

Price wise they’re in the luxury makeup category – at $68USD / 49GBP per compact, they’re definitely not inexpensive. That said, I appreciate the option of refills being available so that the colors can be mixed and matched depending on personal preference.

I don’t know if the brand is considering selling the stand alone compacts to make these palettes fully customisable, but I also like that the hard part of color/formula curation is done for us in these 5 palettes; and we can add the individual shades to the collection as we go along.

With its unique compact style which screams luxury, beautiful shades, undertones and finishes, Lisa Eldridge eyeshadow palettes would make a great easy-to-use addition to existing makeup kits; but even better, make for great gifts especially this time of year.

Check out Lisa’s detailed description video of these palettes HERE; and shop your favorites HERE

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below; xo


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Melissa December 19, 2022 - 4:10 am

I love your posts. Always on point!

Jessica November 23, 2022 - 12:08 pm

Ooooh these look incredible 😍 I like the colors of Myth too

Allison Whitley November 23, 2022 - 11:33 am

I was waiting for this post! I ordered Cinnabar when I saw it on your IG. Now I want Vega too, and Muse. Back to cart 😄


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