Jouer Longwear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks

by Sarah

I love the long-wearing aspect of liquid lipsticks where I don’t have to worry about reapplying the product. The formula however can be quite tricky to master which is why I’ve been testing some of the popular brands against each other in the past few months.

I’ll be posting the ‘lip edition’ of the Product Series soon where I’ll share all my findings with you in detail; however for today, I feel Jouer Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks deserve an exclusive post of their own…

Jouer Longwear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks

End of last year, Jouer launched a limited edition set of all their nude liquid lipsticks; and given it contained pretty much all the colors I wanted to try, I purchased it. The sets sold out in a flash but all the featured colors are available in full size for individual sale, so I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the formula and wear of these lipsticks.

Jouer full size liquid lipsticks come in a 0.21oz/6ml tube with a traditional sponge tip applicator. Along with these nude range of colors, there are so many other shades including corals, reds, deep wines, purples and metallic finishes. They also smell like everything vanilla, cupcake, caramel…in a subtle delicious way.

Jouer Longwear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks

What I personally look for in a liquid lipstick – along with longevity of course, is consistency. With regular lipsticks, I tend to use lipliners so I can have better definition around my lips. With liquid lipsticks, I can forego the lipliners because the long wear formula sets and creates a natural definition/barrier – so to speak.

In order to have such an effect, I prefer the formula to be creamy but not too thick; light but not too liquid-y; opaque on application yet not too heavy when it sets. I hope that makes sense :)

The Jouer liquid lipstick formula really ticked all these boxes for me. They’re really creamy and one swipe is enough to get an even coat – which makes it feel really light and comfortable on the lips. They set pretty quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind. They also don’t budge – I’m talking you’ll definitely need an oil based cleanser to break down the product.

As far as the colors go, if you’re a nude lip fan like me, you will instantly fall in love with these shades. I love every single one of these nude colors, which is quite rare for me. They have a great balance of warmth yet they’re neutral enough to complement many different skin tones.

In this particular set, there are 6 matte and 1 metallic finish liquid lipsticks, as well as Jouer’s popular Lip Topper in Skinny Dip…which is a shimmery champagne/gold gloss. It adds a touch of shine to the matte lipsticks; or gives the lips a plump look when worn on its own.

Skinny Dip – Papaye – Buff – Creme Brûlée – Melon – Dulce de Leche – Terra – Noisette

I’m so impressed with the colors, finish and consistency of the Jouer Lip Creme liquid lipsticks. Along with these babies, Jouer has an amazing range of products from eyeshadow palettes to eyeliners, primers, skin tints, blushes and their brand new highlighter range.

Check out Jouer’s Lip Creme Lipsticks which retail at $18 each, as well as their other products here

What’s your favorite liquid lipstick brand? Have you tried Jouer before?

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