Hindash Color Fluids

by Sarah

You guys know I love versatile, practical products. I also love liquid products.

So when Hindash launched a gorgeous set of multi-use Color Fluids, I needed them…asap!

Hindash Color Fluids

Although still a niche brand, I have almost all the products Hindash released to date.

His style and color theory is so similar to my personal style, and I’ve been reaching for his products knowing the quality and performance will come through every single time.

His latest release Color Fluids is a multi-purpose, practical concept where the products can be used as eyeshadows, contour, blush and lip color but also customized to create many different shades.

Cased in chubby tubes with doe-foot applicators, this type of packaging also makes it easy and mess-free to work with such formula.

Hindash Color Fluids


There are 5 matte colors within this line; and an existing shimmer shade which can be used as an eyeshadow topper or a highlighter.

Safe to say, I had to have them all…

Hindash Color Fluids – Carve; Rising, Heartist, Thorne, Boy Tears

Carve – the lightest and more neutral in the range is a soft caramel brown. This makes for the easiest wash of color across the eyelids, as well as contour for light to medium skin tones; and a beautiful lipstick, especially when paired with warmer or darker lip liners

Rising – vibrant orange. I knew I would adore this shade the second I saw it, and sure enough it’s my favorite. It too, makes for a great blush color and a gorgeous pop on the lips, but it’s a key color to transform all other shades

Heartist – muted rose pink. It has such a pretty undertone that makes it perfect for a blush and lip combo for a chic monochromatic look

Thorn – darkest and richest in the range, this color is great to use as a smoky eye base, as well as liquid liner. Those with deeper skin tones can utilise this gorgeous shade as contour or lipstick too

Boy Tears – shimmering champagne, this formula makes for a stunning all over shimmer on the eyes, a sparkling topper over eyeshadows; highlighter for the high points of the face and even to mix in with lipsticks and glosses to elevate the finish


With a smooth, creamy consistency, it’s safe to label this formula long-wearing as it sets and doesn’t budge.

Whilst this feature is an advantage when it comes to performance and longevity, it can get a bit tricky when it comes to application and how quickly you work with it.

When doing an eyeshadow application, it’s best to dot a small amount on the eye lid and diffuse with a blending brush right away; and then move to the other eye (rather than placing the product on both eyes first)

When doing blush or contour – and especially if you’re mixing colors to customize your own shade, I recommend applying the products to the back of your hand or a plate first, mix and then apply to the face.

Hindash Color Fluids

I also find fine-bristle, fluffy synthetic brushes with soft dabbing motions distribute this formula to an airbrush finish – versus firmer brushes or using fingers.

Although marketed as a setting brush, I love using Real Techniques RT 402 setting brush with cream and liquid products – which has been perfect for this formula too.

As for lipsticks, I use the doe-foot applicator and apply directly to the lips – unless I’m mixing colors together. They set like liquid matte lipsticks but feel very light and airy on the lips. They also wear off really soft and subtly – no patches, cracks or peeling which is amazing.


As a major blush fan, I’ve been cooking up some color variations predominantly with the colors Heartist (pink) and Rising (orange).
I mix the two to achieve a coral blush, adjusting the amount of orange I use to either make it more subtle or warm.

Same combination makes an amazing liquid lipstick color also.

I also mix Rising (orange) with Crave (caramel) Β to warm up that caramel brown more, mix in a smidgen of Thorn (chocolate) to turn it into a warm terracotta shade. I dab this color as a bronzer or lipstick.

In the picture below, I also layered some Boy Tears on top for a touch of shimmer…

Hindash Color Fluids

I can write an essay on the variety of colors to create and the many ways these brilliant Color Fluids can be utilized. They’re practical, perform really well and travel friendly too.

Paired with Hindash’s just as versatile eyeshadow palettes and lip products, this brand is definitely on its way to cater for everything one can need to create endless looks.

Color Fluids retail at $25 each and can be purchased HERE

Let me know your thoughts in the comments; xo

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